12 February 2009

beautiful face

currently listening to: the dodos [xmas mixtape for someone special]
currently reading: gabriel garcia marquez [one hundred years of solitude]

yesterday was alright. you know a little bit of art history. a lot of
soup. and i finally watched "mamma mia", thanks mom, it was way cute.
and i had abba in my head all day and night.

the basketball game against grinnell was fun, i guess.
jazz exam was like weird and easy.
photos from this weekend look lovely, i just hate having to slap words
across my images for my photo assignment. ew. words on pictures.

chez willy's, a play, and then sippin' with josh tonight.

v-day is around the corner, find a v quick.

today's outfit reminds me of ballerinas. and how i told gaby in france
that i was going to start dressing like one after being inspired by
degas. here goes.


bow mine from childhood, shirt thrifted, necklace thrifted/found object,
earrings gift from ex, dress american apparel, leggings american apparel,
flats h&m


  1. o lawd. muncie is kind of boring. i just try and make it fun. you should hang out with me when i move somewhere cooler.

    sometimes I dress like a redneck on vacation.

  2. oh yes and the weather here is warm again. and it's actually had a strong affect on my mood getting better.

  3. i didnt see you today!

    1. which aa dress is that? i LOVE it. also the pink in that shirt is adorable.
    2. i second the ew to words on photos.
    3. is chez willy's good? i've never eaten there. my heart belongs to landmark.