01 February 2009

mi piace blink 182.

as if last week wasn't crazy enough, this one's kicking into crazy mode as well.
hi i'm sandy i decided a little too late that i love studying off campus and that
i would love to spend my summer-winter in chicago studying art, living, being
with my family, etc. etc. etc. oh and now i'm paying for it with one week to apply
for a program i know i will not have trouble getting into. paperworkpaperwork.

note to self: don't go to keggers at yellow anymore. too many ridiculous things
happen. what the?

but last night was wonderful. kappa kooking in the basement of the dorm.
we made pasta with sundried tomato sauce, and had bread and olive oil, and
salad, and then a delicious chocolate mint cake. oh and red wine. with lots of
toasting. and adam came over and we laid in my beds laughing about my secrets
and listening to "okay" and talking about everything and nothing at once.

but seriously, this is my life. listening quiz. 10 edited photos due. midterm
midterm. paper. CHICAGO. art history field trip. dentist appt. dinner with
the fam this weekend everyday. sleeping in my own bed. shopping. i need
jeans. and victoria's secret. and barf day is right around the corner (feb. 14).

but things are alright here. and i'm going to italy in 5 weeks. and cuz martin
is going to be in rome. we should play beer pong. and i'm going to finally
buy my boots (if they're still there, right chris?).

remember that time we played in the forum instead of listening to gail?



  1. gail suckz. Girls wear boots here, I just dont feel the same way.

  2. got to admit it's getting better. getting better all the time.

  3. wow lovely blog!!!
    i add you to my fav.

    but...are you italian????