19 February 2009

my kind of town, chicago is

currently listening to: the sound of my photo professor putting cords away
currently reading: adam langer [crossing california]

well hello hello hello there

i'm sitting in digital photography stoked that my weekend starts in um
9 minutes. yeah be jealous. mari is currently driving from grinnell, iowa
to come get me, my laundry, and my books on roy lichtenstein, and i am
editing a sweet picture of gummyhenge to send to abby pardick to make
her love me.

tonight we're going to a macaroni and cheese cook off with the winner of
top chef stephanie izard and let me just say that i am totally stoked/hungry
and really excited for this. plus we're doing family brunch sunday. oh and
we're finally going to open the bottle of wine that i bought wine tasting in
chianti, so that should be wonderful. other than that, no major plans.

maybe i'll go to the doctor so i don't have to be so sick all the time.

ooh and channel surfing. when is greta going to get here so we can watch
charmed already?

can we go get donuts this weekend? they don't have donuts or bamboloni in galesburg.

chicago style dog, yo

happy chef, yo

hey kid, you're a champ

mi piace il museo!


  1. The plan is - apply and get into SAIC photo..
    The plan is, dont tell anyone.

  2. wait. you already plan on this?

    max and i are gonna room together.
    i gotta get a killer 'folio together, though.

  3. well i might need your judgement on a few prints here in the next few months. I've gotta knock this one out of the park. CLASSMATES!

  4. i totally am too. i think i will start bringing books to work because i can not keep myself occupied with the internet for 4 hours

  5. We will go to Intelligentsia every day.

  6. erryone's up that early it seems
    time to understand the morning!

  7. UMMM i didnt eat with you today OR monday. where you been girl?

  8. That macaroni n cheese thing sounds wonderful! I am so jealous!
    & I took your advice and started reading David Sedaris' new book, it was kind of liberating to not be doing schoolwork. Thanks for the advice.

  9. Hi Sandy,
    when can you Not come visit me again?

  10. O HELL NAW... I did not know you were turning 21 soon. This is gonna be epicz.