04 February 2009

oh who am i kidding?

ok i think i'm reinstating the ban on starbucks, but now stretching it to sparks, and knives.
so i repeat: no sparks, knives, or starbucks. got it? got it. my favorite part of this whole
situation is when he answers the phone and has no idea who's on the other end of the line.

and oh spring fling
i only went out with you last night because i love wings and i had a taste for them. so don't
kid yourself, kid. you're a chump and you know it. maybe leaving this place isn't such a
silly idea, now is it?

and oh oh winter wonder
i love hanging out with you everyday, but i need some space now. because i think i'm realizing
that though i love you so much, that i don't love you like that. i love how you make me laugh
and i love that you share your apples with me, and that you always let me pick the music,
but i'm sorry, it's just not there. this whole "you and me thing" isn't happening.


i did complete my application for chicago. fingers crossed that i get in and that greg doesn't
hate my guts for leaving like he's been acting all along. if i get in, i'm going. i'll be at home for
six months straight, and i think that's what i need at this point in my life.

but last night was good because i listened to my don mcclean record and my buddy holly's
greatest hits record and i felt like part of something bigger than being in my room working
on stuff for midterms.

lexie, i really do miss blogging.
tasha, i'm happy we did dinner. can we do it again sometime?

okay now i have to go do jazz busywork, study for photo, write a gregpaper, and memorize slides

but i get to do this in two days

and this


and this



  1. it's easy to ban starbucks in galesburg sandy. come on, challenge yourself girl.

    i will miss you when you go home but you better make room for me one weekend wherever you're staying.

  2. weird.


    Sparx is the 3est!

  3. i wish some chump would take me out for wings. NO FAIR!

  4. don't worry all of the sparks will be bought in no time.

  5. yesh. it was so nice out today i actually considered playing in the snow. (i h8 being cold).