17 February 2009

remember freshman year fall term?

currently listening to: live like you were dying [tim mcgraw]
currently reading: adam langer [crossing california]

take that multiply it by two and you have me. or something.
still no kathy or greta. still cold out. still lonesome. still
going through the motions. still continuing to do things even
though i don't really see the point. i'm going back home this
weekend. things just make more sense for me back in chicago.

peace k'nox.

p.s. i hate black and white digital photography. barf.

well hello there.



  1. we should have a real personal non caf date. i hate winter term.

  2. all ahm saying is.. if -I- was born in Chicago, I would never have left yo.

  3. I have been pretty ok, things really picked up yesterday though, which I was grateful for. I miss you too, I hope you've been well. I oughta update my blog more often, oops.

  4. Hm...

    When in Chicago, call. We'll find crazy/weird things.