11 February 2009

yellow butterflies

currently listening to: titus andronicus [the airing of grievances]
currently reading: gael garcia marquez [one hundred years of solitude]

chicago was super fantastic this weekend, and my stay has only solidified
my goal of studying there next fall rather than here at knox college.
sorry greg, but your classes aren't enough to keep me staying here.

let's see, i did more this weekend than i have since i've been back at knox.

i saw: maud, adolfo, clay, chris, reuven's twin, family, trevor, kentucky
i ate: greek food, cajun food, chinese food, diner food, and nuovo french
i went to: the art institute, the field museum, and both of my old houses
i got: a manicure and pedicure, new jeans, bras, undies, and lots of shirts
i am: a b cup (officially), way happier in chicago, over my summer crush

basically all i did was eat, sleep, play, live, see art, talk to family.
and it felt completely right. this whole 'living' thing seems pretty ideal.

i have lots of wonderful pictures that i'll try to get up later this week.

now for the fashionblogging that i told lexie i'd do.

cardigan j.crew, dress american apparel, leggings american apparel,
shirt lux, shoes h&m, necklace thrifted/found object, earrings gift from ex


  1. i really like the way you wore that dress today sandy. you are so cute.

  2. i saw titus andronicus last week
    they opened for los campesinos, but were better than titus andronicus

    yes let's do letters

  3. fuck, i'm tired

    *but were better than Los Campesinos