13 March 2009

marten good luck charm

currently listening to: jazz for my quiz
currently reading: an essay on native art exhibits

i like that everyone in my family sends me picture messages of marten trucks.
you guys rule at life.

so i'm done with photo (minus the critique)
all i have is to take my jazz final (ew)
i finished my term paper, me and lichtenstein are tight
and then i'll finish my exhibition project in the next hour.
then memorize slides tonight.
then take an exam tomorrow.
then get matzoh ball soup mix for schmath.
then go to italy.


get me through today/tonight.

p.s. i have a crush on italo calvino

09 March 2009

ciao primavera, come va?

currently listening to: cementville [andrew jackson jihad/ghostmice split]
currently reading: louise erdrich [love medicine]

things i did in the last two weeks:
met the winner of top chef 3
told everyone about my friend crushes
finished "crossing california"
had a sinus infection
quality quality family weekend
tramadol to hell
slumdog millionaire (letdown city)
found more matt k and paul baribeau (total upper)
bulls game over stimulation
made photographs i'm actually happy with

things to do in the next week:

clean me and greta's room
finish term paper on lichtenstein
write paper on museum ethics and native arts
memorize slides
put together portfolio
last jazz worksheet
pack for italy
leave for italy
see schmathleen olsen!!!!!

oh hey lexie, what's your schedule next term?? do you think we'll
still have a lunch club?? if not, can we find time for dates?

and pitchfork kids: tickets go on sale march 13. this friday.
get on it. how could you pass up the friday lineup??!?!

from that time i played with bobby, dev, and andrew:

from my emulation of jeff wall (mine first, his second)

[diagonal composition]

[destroyed room]

[for woman]



[some beans]

[after manet's petit dejeuner sur l'herb]

[portrait of an artist]

ok i have to go listen to the new dan deacon album like everyone else.

see you in a month chris.