13 April 2009

hey mom, i'm writing on my blog

currently listening to: red and purple [the dodos]
currently reading: louise erdich [love medicine]


italy for spring break was amazing. i think my favorite was making homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. oh and hiking up into the tuscan hills and sitting for hours in the cypress trees. bellissima.

soup night. 2 kilos fresh tomatoes from the mercato centrale. fresh basil. one onion. one garlic. heavy cream. salt. pepper. olive oil. pecorino and asiago cheese from the cheese men. and some fresh ciabatta roles from the sunflower hat ladies. i love the market.

school has been wretched this term but that's because i was thrown a curve ball last sunday at the hospital and it's sort of made me realize that life throws you curve balls and you learn to roll with the punches. no biggie.

greta says i've been acting super adult concerning the entire ordeal, so thx gret.

my 21st bday was amazing. we had a countdown at midnight. i wore a light-up tiara. and a fur coat. mari visited, and we woke up early for mcdonald's breakfast. after bfast, we went to get my picture taken with the easter bunny at walmart which was my big birthday surprise from greta. then we went to hyvee to buy my cake (older than dirt), and i bought an easter dress and an animal teeshirt (for animal teeshirt tuesdays) at the thrift store. ahh then we got our nails did and greta and i got wicked fabulous designs. then we got maid-rights or whatever they're called out in the boonies and it was delicious. mari and i hardboiled and dyed eggs, and then greta and i did laundry and dyed my hair blondish. we went for dinner at acolpolco and i had margs and pina coladas with my tostadas. then i went to quick sam's three times to buy booze, got my birthday gifts from peeps, and fell asleep. raging. mom, dad,and ben came up for easter brunch and we brought greta. the ham was delicious.

birthday fur

birthday bunny

birthday nails

birthday lunch

birthday eggs

birthday drank

being 21 rules. thanks for all of the bday wishes.

oooh oooh i'm going to chitown this weekend.


  1. yall are growing up so fast. :'(

  2. looks so fun! i heart your blog heaader

  3. i tagged you sandy. be a cool blogger and participate.

  4. that soup sounds so goooood.

    reminded me of you.


  5. haha yessssssssss
    come rage in MUNCIE lmao

  6. Thank u ;-) check out that emo boy one on this blog:

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