25 May 2009

wrighting a paper

ew did i just say that?
i'm going into nerd mode this week. bugger off.

one paper down, four to go!

21 May 2009

dear frank,

currently listening to: matt & kim [grand and self titled]

my many apologies for not writing in close to a month.
updates updates updates:

+got back together with clay
+mari graduated
+12 days of junior year left
+sunburns and the smell of sunscreen
+tickets to iceland purchased
+therapy with heidi
+rehired for orientation leader duties in the fall
+flunk day
+got an apartment, "the secret garden"
+kappa formal
+blink 182 announced tour dates
+friends duh
+the kaleidoscope i got for my birthday!
+all of the colin meloy i just downloaded

-car wreck, both cars totaled (we're okay though)
-archeology of the bible class
-saying bye to people
-cigarette burn on my thigh (thx flunk day)

now i have to go write the biography of frank lloyd wright and about a desk for a house he designed. <3 finals!!! woohoo!