26 October 2009

schmoozing and falling

art opening was okay, but the art history drinks and schmoozing with the curator at the kimbell was the best. we did the twist, she called me her protege, and gave me her card. i love love love curators, art, art history, business cards, and cher. it was all in all an absolutely fantastic night.
i also started my job cataloging the entire permanent collection at the galesburg civic art center, so i'll let you know how that one goes.

skipped working at the farns-house to go to the curator's talk about her museum and some of her favorite acquisitions (her babies!). also went to coney island with the art history dept. for hot dogs. i'm pretty sure we're all applying for grants to go to the caa (college art association) convention to get our schmooze on. plus it's in chicity, so why not?
had a killer dance party with 'lonesome cowboys' playing on my tv in the background. hit the bars and hit the pavement. didn't clean my boo boo out quick enough and i now have an infected knee. woe is me!

here have some knee pix
day one

day two

 day three
let's hope this zpac nips it in the bud.

ps i watched FIVE i repeat FIVE lifetime movies yesterday, a whole new low.

and my bjork swandress costume is coming along nicely, thanks for asking.


  1. There were several days over the summer where all I wanted to do was watch lifetime movies. It was really terrible.

  2. GEEZ sandy, that knee is grosssss!

    did you see sorority wars??

  3. a. Zpacks are the best.
    b. All your museum talk sounds wonderful!
    c. I cannot wait to see your Halloween costume.
    d. I like lettering my comments. (:

  4. hope the knee is better today - Mom

  5. Ack, I super hope your knee is doing better because it's frankly, it's pretty ooky.

    Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog! Your comment made me so so happy! It's always good to know when bloggers' interests mish-mash well together. Oh, and I JUST saw a few television episodes of This American Life today for the first time. Now I've never seen what Ira Glass looks like (I've only heard him on the radio) but oh my goodness, he makes me swoon. Yikes, the first comment I leave on your blog and I manage to make myself sound a little bit crazy.

    Anyways, I'll definitely be returning to your blog!