19 November 2009

putting off my warhol outline

well hello hello there,

it's been on heckuva november/end of october.
i got my dress from darlingvintage and it was just darling! i have made an oath not to wear it to the painting studio because getting oil paint or gesso on it would be a total bummer. but here's a pic of me in it!

halloween was pretty fantastic. i made a bjork costume out of plastic bags, tulle, tights, cardboard, and feathers, and it was a total hit! i even had bscott draw her tat on my arm in sharpee!

i've been working at the galesburg civic art center four to five hours a week cataloging their permanent collection (388 art objects), and so far i've done just over 100!! woohoo! in the process i've seen a salvador dali, a dorthea tanning, and have rummaged through lots of art in storage. it's super fun and weird there, and i kind of absolutely love it. also, i visited the farnsworth house last weekend and i'm thinking i should be ready to give my first tour once i finish reading the book they gave me!!! i'm pretty stoked. i'm also going to be applying for an internship at the figge art museum in davenport, iowa as a curatorial assistant, i'm just waiting for the position to be posted online!

senior research has been going really great. i am working on my final outline today and tomorrow before i head home for the holidays, and then i'm off to macau/hongkong/bangkok to see mari dearest!

i'm officially done with film class c:! and all i have left for painting is a final crit of my last painting. check it out. oh and mom and ben met jonathon safron foer last night and i'm super duper jealous. they got books signed and everything. totz jealous!

kay that's all i can think of right now. carry on. oh proj run finale is on tonight. who do we think is gonna win???