22 December 2009

fashion blog blues

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currently obsessed with: mad men & julie and julia - mom made julia's meatloaf for dinner tonight!

so last night as i was doing the usual web-surfing and looking for cute things on the internet, i finally visited tavi the new girl in town's blog. you know, tavi, the 13 year old pseudo-famous fashion blogger who has more style in one pinky nail than most of the people on our lovely little planet combined. i'll be honest, i've been tiptoe-ing around her blog, trying not to get too overexcited about it - but last night she worked me into a frenzy! at first i found myself experiencing a whole flurry of feelings ranging from jealousy to inspiration. and i have come to this conclusion: she is fa

anyways, i realized though i have lots of clothing i NEVER wear, and though i complain about my body and the way clothes fit on it regularly - i might as well work with what i've got. you know, shake what my mama gave me? anyways, in light of being inspired by little tavi, as well as the regulars i like to look at littleboat, darlingdarling, and the clothes horse, and also in response to my wonderful trip to southeast asia - i am making a fashion blog post of some of my recent acquisitions from my fantastic journey.

p.s. don't you just love the word acquisition? i'll be using it a lot as a curator, i can only hope...

dress and phonograph ring: chatuchak market (bangkok, thailand), sweater and paisley bangle: consignment shop (rancho santa fe, ca), tights and shoes: merona target, [fake] coco changel earrings: the ladies market (hong kong), jade bangle: shops at victoria peak (hong kong), bugs bangle: the museum of science and industry, baby rose necklace: gift from mari, mari and me necklace: my own, cursive s necklace: nordstrom rack

in case you haven't noticed - i'm a total accessory girl. i love trinkets. i hold the firm belief that anything can be worn as an accessory.
k, time to clean up the mess of my room, make lunch, and go to the dentist! eeps!

happy cram-gift-shopping!

20 December 2009

southeast asia update

currently listening to: the beach boys [endless summer] on vinyl!

thing i liked: the floating market [thailand]

this floating market is one of several around the world - and though the shopping wasn't that great, it sure beat the hell out of the heat, confusion, and sheer mess of the chatuchak market in bangkok, because what's better than shopping while reclining in a boat and having the stores float past you? nothing. if only we could implement this sort of shopping for the holiday season in the united states - and the deals would simply float to and from us as we take it easy, sip hot cocoa, and cross gifts off of our holiday list with sheer ease.

oh you know, just a typical day floating along canals in thailand 

a floating hot food stand next to a store selling trinkets, basically every stand sold trinkets!

we did happen to float upon a spice stand where we purchased large bags of saffron and cardamon for next to nothing - i'm thinking we'll be making some paella in the near future!

i have no idea what this is other than a wooden pole covered in ribbon and flowers - gorgeous either way.

there was color in everything. i couldn't get enough of this place!

hats! everyone here had a hustle, there was a lady selling hats that could be folded into fans. they also had these huge canes where they could just pull your boat over to their boat/stand whether you wanted them to or not. apparently your cabbie/rower gets a small percentage of whatever you buy at the stands, so basically your best bet is to pretend you don't speak any languages, that you have no money, and that you just aren't interested!

more fruit and food stands. behind this boat was a the heart of the market - you could park your boat and climb up to the shops in this shopping center. animal tee-shirts, buddhist sculptures, trinkets, kitsch, they had it all (none of which we really wanted).

a rower rowing across an intersection in the canals 

our rower, taking us all over the place. when she dropped us off, she spoke the only words in english we heard from her all morning "excuse me maam, something for me?".

mari and mom posing for the camera, lovely models on this trip!

me, hamming it up for the camera aboard the boat.

stateside, things are getting back to normal. i'm still recovering from mean jetlag - hence the early morning posting. mom gave me a copy of the joy of cooking and a copy of julia child's mastering the art of french cooking - so my life is going to be very delicious and busy when i get back to school!

i'm currently working on applying for internships anywhere and everywhere in the museum world - and i've narrowed my list down to: the kimbell art museum (fortworth, tx), the norton simon museum (pasadena, ca), the art institute (chicago, il), and the shelburne museum of americana (shelburne, vm). needless to say, it's going to be a busy few weeks when i get back to school with applying for all of these wonderful opportunities! wish me luck.

okay, time to shower and head over to the milwaukee art museum for the warhol exhibition! then buying pies, then kentucky, then nyc for new years!

18 December 2009

back from southest asia

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my trip to southeast asia was lights out, absolutely fantastic. i'm currently recovering from serious jetlag, hence the late night blogging but i thought why not get started on updating. i'm thinking the best way to do this is just to do small day-by-day posts about some of my favorite things (in no particular order), so let's get started.

liked: eating at a michelin star rated dim sum restaurant in hong kong

mari got a tip from her friend willy that when in hong kong - check out this sweet little dim sum place that has practically no seating, and all day wait, and some of the best dim sum in the world. we decided we'd give it a shot with excitement and a bit of hunger - and found ourselves with a four hour wait and a chance to explore hong kong.
we arrived at the restaurant around 11 am - mind you it opened at 10 am, and starts assigning numbers. we were  #116. let me reiterate: within an hour of the place being open were were #116. they said come back in two hours. so we went to get cupcakes.

cupcake shop in hong kong - pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut and double chocolate

after cupcakes we wondered around the area, stopped in a sweet all cotton store called cottonon where i proceeded to purchase a new pair of black flats AND a fantastic light blue cotton denimy button of WITH shirt pockets. after - i think we were looking for a particular store, but we got totally turned around and wound up at the ladies market - a fantastic assortment of bootleg purses and jewelry, souveniers, and lots of people with a hustle. needless to say we got carried away and did quite a bit of shopping. the ladies market was absurd - not quite as crazy as the chatuchak market in bangkok - but the shopping was amazing. i managed to purchase a darling pair of chanel bow earrings and a black longchamp (both of which are bootleg and fantastic!).

 the ladies market it wasn't up and running fully until around 2 pm, but what there was was good.

we also stumbled upon a wonderful little food market that had exotic fresh produce, fresh fish - some of which was so fresh that it was alive or half alive and skinned with the heart still beating. talk about gourmet.

a couple of produce stands

we returned to the restaurant after two hours - they were only in the high 60's - and we were told come back in another hour. ugh. i'm happy i brought a book. so we took to wandering - again.

here's us just goofing around and taking vanity pictures.

and then as if by some consequence of magic or good timing, after shopping, killing time, getting tired, hunger pains - they called our number - it was all happening - we were eating at a michelin star restaurant - the cheapest one in the world actually. with the help of some locals who could read the menu, which was primarily in cantonese, we were able to pick out some winners which arrived in rapid fashion steaming hot and ready to be consumed!

bbq pork buns - flaky and cripsy on the outside, hot, sweet and bbqed on the inside. mom and i were obsessed.

hunger satisfied dish by dish.

shrimp dumplings of many varieties, steamed, stacked and ready to go!

by this point in time, we have no idea what we're eating, but we're loving every second of it.

my fave - pork chow fun and also some fried egg rolls!!

this is a steamed gluttonous chicken bun wrapped in a banana (?) leaf. everything there is gluttonous and fantastic!

and with that, we downed our bottomless cups of greentea, settled up the bill - which came out to i think less than 20 dollars - tipped (a rare treasure in hong kong), and hit the streets for more wandering and photo-safaris.