22 December 2009

fashion blog blues

currently listening to: annual mixtape for clay (as i work on it)
currently reading: the pearl [john steinbeck, ie my boyfriend]
currently obsessed with: mad men & julie and julia - mom made julia's meatloaf for dinner tonight!

so last night as i was doing the usual web-surfing and looking for cute things on the internet, i finally visited tavi the new girl in town's blog. you know, tavi, the 13 year old pseudo-famous fashion blogger who has more style in one pinky nail than most of the people on our lovely little planet combined. i'll be honest, i've been tiptoe-ing around her blog, trying not to get too overexcited about it - but last night she worked me into a frenzy! at first i found myself experiencing a whole flurry of feelings ranging from jealousy to inspiration. and i have come to this conclusion: she is fa

anyways, i realized though i have lots of clothing i NEVER wear, and though i complain about my body and the way clothes fit on it regularly - i might as well work with what i've got. you know, shake what my mama gave me? anyways, in light of being inspired by little tavi, as well as the regulars i like to look at littleboat, darlingdarling, and the clothes horse, and also in response to my wonderful trip to southeast asia - i am making a fashion blog post of some of my recent acquisitions from my fantastic journey.

p.s. don't you just love the word acquisition? i'll be using it a lot as a curator, i can only hope...

dress and phonograph ring: chatuchak market (bangkok, thailand), sweater and paisley bangle: consignment shop (rancho santa fe, ca), tights and shoes: merona target, [fake] coco changel earrings: the ladies market (hong kong), jade bangle: shops at victoria peak (hong kong), bugs bangle: the museum of science and industry, baby rose necklace: gift from mari, mari and me necklace: my own, cursive s necklace: nordstrom rack

in case you haven't noticed - i'm a total accessory girl. i love trinkets. i hold the firm belief that anything can be worn as an accessory.
k, time to clean up the mess of my room, make lunch, and go to the dentist! eeps!

happy cram-gift-shopping!


  1. Hey your haircut is almost similar to mine, yours is just a bit longer on the other side. :)

    And I love the gramophone ring!

  2. i love your ring!

    also tavi reminds me of you a lot! you both have so much sass!

  3. like how you used your bro's room as a prop

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