30 January 2010

january is insane

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hi. happy new year. january has been insane.

school started off with a bang! clay was here for the first week and many cookies were baked and eaten. i took him to coney island for the first time, and he absolutely loved it, but who doesn't love a good coney dog and a green river? our week together was pretty relaxing and not all that busy, luckily, but after he left things kicked into high gear.

recruitment was a total blast. a lot of amazing girls came through out house! sisterhood night was space themed - and for snackies we had neon cupcakes, milkyways, and tang!!!! it was fabulous, and it would appear that kappas are officially obsessed with tang, a kick in a glass.

we wore sweet kappa/nasa shirts and basically went wild when the girls came into the house.

pref party was fantastic! keely and i were in charge of food, and not only did we have an amazing time shopping on a budget but the food was an absolute hit! we made homemade bruschetta, had brie, cheddar, crackers, grapes, sparkling water/water with lemon and it was seriously unbelievably klassy.

ana and i

key sis kelley and i

keely and i


 aly mo and i

seniors EMO


eta kappa chapter


owl salute

we had ten new girls join our lovely sisterhood, and we're all super duper obsessed with each other - sorry to be so girly, but honestly, i love being a part of this amazing group of women. i'm getting kind of emotional and freaked out when it comes to graduation - i keep on pretending that it's not happening, but it's totally inevitable. weird. ah!

i've been really into my fur. every weekend when i go out, i wear one of my two fur coats. it's a total hoot and a half when i show up wearing animals - people go nuts.

this is my lovely blonde fur. no one is quite sure what kind of animal it is - but it's thrifted and fabulous.

as for school i'm enrolled in two point five credits. i'm currently in an upper level painting class with a visiting professor form the art institute of chicago, judy koon. she is fabulous, encouraging, and honest in the studio, and we're working from a model for the next few weeks! fun! i'm also the t.a. for art history 106 - and i basically edit moodle, grade quizzes, take notes, and eat quesadilla's in the gizmo during my office hours. i'm also working on my senior thesis on andy warhol, and i turned in my final outline yesterday!

speaking of warhol, last weekend i made the grant funded trek to pittsburgh with my mom to the warhol museum to view the film horse and the trip was short and sweet. the film was super weird, and long, and perfect for my research - i just wish that everyone had the opportunity to see it like i did! the warhol museum had a really great shepard fairey exhibition and mom and i got to see one of the original obama hope campaign posters - something i really enjoyed.

photo taken in the photobooth at the warhol museum


mom and i at the warhol museum!!!
all in all, i've been super  busy with kappa, classes, research, friends, duffy's mondays, traveling, cataloging, applying for internships and jobs, and life! next week i'll be in indianapolis with my darling clay, and the week after i'll be in chicago for the college art association conference schmoozing and making friends! stay warm!