26 February 2010

yesterday was epic.

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so yesterday was fantastic. not only was it absolutely blue and sunny, but i also didn't have to work on or think about my thesis. ta-ing art history was a cinch, and i actually read a novel in class out of sheer boredom. books 4 fun! what? while in class, i received a call from an internship program in chicago that i really really really want AND... THEY WANT TO INTERVIEW ME. this is crazy. i am actually hearing from programs. i guess all of those hours volunteering in galleries, attending art openings, & writing countless papers are starting to pay off! wooohooo.

after classes let out yesterday, i went to the galesburg civic art center to do some data entry, then a group of four of us went to the figge art museum in davenport, ia for college night. the other three students i was with were the hired band for the night, so i took to drinking gin and tonics and wondering around the galleried by myself. oh, and i wore fur. looking at the jackson pollock was lovely, but visiting my baby, the avery coonley house desk that i did extensive research on, absolutely made my night. i just with i could reach out and open it's drawers.

after the museum, we got thai food (so exotic! sarcasm.), then drove back to the 'burg for some pitchers of beer at duffy's - along with endless country hits on my favorite juke box.

all in all, a fantastic day was had.

since i divide my time between the arts building and the library these days, i found it fitting to have an outfit post in the drawing studio where i have my easel and paints set up.

dress: f21, shirt & tights: zara, glasses: dkny, 
sunglasses: prescription old people glasses, 
ring: solana beach flea market, earrings: gift from mari (amsterdam), 
bracelet: gift from boyfriend, shoes, scarf, & necklace: thrifted

24 February 2010

blueberry jam

currently listening to: amy milan [honey from the tomb]

so yesterday, idee geniale made a wonderful post dressing in lovely shades of blue and black. i was so inspired by her cozy look, that i decided to give it a try excited for the challenge of creating a look out of my own pieces. plus, with the temperatures dropping into the single digits, the last thing i wanted to do was wear a dress and tights today.

sweatshirt: american apparel, pull over: american apparel, 
shirt: american apparel, pants: h&m, socks: clarkes, 
shoes, earrings, necklace: thrifted, scarf: pierre cardin thrifted

in totally OTHER news than my clothes, my first draft of the gay, the drag and the ugly: examining gender and sexuality in andy warhol's western frontier, came out to be 40 pages in length and is currently in the hands of my professor. i am going to take a two day breather, stretch some canvases, see the magician tonight, and go to senior meeting! yay! oh and i'm going to start reading a book for pleasure. remember that? neither do i.

23 February 2010

it's definitely not spring

currently listening to: animal collective [merriweather post pavilion]

i guess my preemptive celebrations of spring were a little too premature - because literally three hours after i made that post it began to snow, covering little 'ol galesburg with 4 inches, which has now completely iced over and covered the sidewalks. i'm not complaining, i'm just saying it's a bit hard to get from place to place these days.

all i want to see right now is a knox tulip.

yesterday was my interview for the position at the kappa kappa gamma museum, and i think it went really well - now it's in their hands, i'll find out monday if i get it!

thesis writing is, going. i have a solid twenty pages, and i'm hoping to get this draft bundled up and in greg's office by tomorrow afternoon!

it's been really chilly in the library, and at knox in general so i thought i'd go for a "grunge casual" look today with flannel, sweatshirt, and a high-waisted skirt.

skirt: thrifted, tee: boyfriend's, flannel: target, hoodie: american apparel, 
tights: zara, shoes: thrifted gift from ashley, necklaces: thrifted, 
spoon n' fork earrings: gift from boyfriend

photo editing credit: thank you aroomofonesown for introducing my to toyanalog!!! i love love love you!

20 February 2010

today felt like spring, well kinda.

today was damp, and melty, and humid, and i couldn't see my breath. i thought a floral print and some bright soft colors were in order! and yes, since i'm living in the library, i think it's totz appropz that my shots are among my bookfriends.

cardigan: j. crew, dress: top shop, shirt, shoes, necklace: thrifted, tights: zara, watch: nixon thrifted!! 

19 February 2010

neutrals in the library

lexie, i totally stole your idea and took some pictures in the library. i like the pink staircase with my outfit!

dress: free people, pants: tripp nyc, cardigan: american apparel, bracelets: the vatican & gift, earrings: h&m, shoes: gift from ashley

giving up the gun is the best video. love it. love you ezra.

18 February 2010

one last distraction before my weekend of thesis writing

currently listening to: vampire weekend [contra]

with my first draft of my warhol on thesis due this coming monday, i will probably be vanishing from the internet for a short period of time, but i didn't want to disappear without a quick little post. one of the things that is getting me through to the end of the term is that thought that spring break is just around the corner and that i will be spending half of it with my boy in lexington, and the other half with my boy in chicago. yay! a romantic getaway for two! i can't wait to walk up and down michigan avenue with him, and drag him to thrift stores in lexington and chicago!

here are some neighborhood pics from my hood. the sky went from being a fantastic concentrated blue to cloudy in the span of an hour. but i had the chance to get a few nice ones.

heading north up michigan avenue

the cna building and others

heading south on michigan avenue

this blue building is going to be torn down. :c

columbia/best western/condos

as for things around here, besides stressing about my thesis and painting everything is going well.

i have been asked to interview at the lexington art league for a summer internship, which is AMAZING for two huge reasons: 1) i will get gallery experience, 2) i will get to live with clay!

i am a finalist in the kappa kappa gamma museum internship search, which is also AMAZING for two huge reasons: 1) i will gain museum experience, 2) i am only three hours from clay!

i love art too much. okay time to go pick out what to wear and get going on my day!

yesterday's outfit was very well received. i'm waiting for it to warm up and to get a tripod until i venture outside for outfit shots. sry.

dress: lux gift from ashley, ochre shirt: gift from ashley, undershirt: h&m, tights: zara italy, shoes: gift from ashley

16 February 2010

college art association conference 2010 (and so much more)

currently listening to: vampire weekend [contra]

first and foremost, HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE'S DAY! though clay and i spent it together in indianpolis the week before, i just thought i'd send some happy loving thoughts into the lovely little blogosphere.
this past weekend/week has been outrageously busy and amazing. thursday afternoon a group of four art history majors left for the college art association conference on a grant funded trip! yes, i will admit that this was one of the nerdiest things i have done to date (including seeing this american life live, and making my own envelopes) - but seriously it was so so so much fun. 

friday was spent walking up and down michigan avenue. i woke up early for a doctor's appointment, then went to the hyatt to pick up my complimentary caa tote bag and NAME TAG. the first talk i attended was a discussion on the conflicts and solutions of curating the modern wing at the art institute of chicago and the entire curating staff held an open panel to address questions! it was so fantastic. and i rode the elevator with a gentileschi scholar, judy mann - i was art history "star struck", yes, it's possible. after the talk, evan and i grabbed a bite to eat, and then went to the talk on independent publishing, and i must say that the cartographer/art historian was my absolute favorite. we met our professors for a drink at the hotel bar, and after, headed to sultan's for falafel and lentil soup. and we finished the night off with homemade facials and sex and the city the movie. talk about perfect day and night.

saturday included a stop at the art institute to quickly run through the modern wing and visit the photography exhibition in the basement of the older building. looking at warhol's genitalia polaroid made me realize that i have so many polaroids that are sitting neatly (and chronologically) in a box under my bed... and i'm going to take some of my favorites and frame/mat them! yay! we went to a talk on the aesthetics of food, my favorite sessions being the gender issues of bento-box art culture as well as the talk on the logistics and space of restaurant kitchens in regards to the optimum output of the dishes. those talks were so enticing actually, that we worked up an appetite and went to beef and brandy on state street. i had meatloaf and mashed potatoes that rocked my world. after, we enjoyed a talk on the 1960's and then returned home for dinner with my family at a mano, an italian restaurant near marina city.

an assortment of appetizers (meats, cheeses, and crostini)
mom, dad, and i after dinner
sunday was the party for mari. basically a lot of cleaning and prep, delicious food, schmoozing, drinks, and catching up. i had no idea that so many of my parents friends / older family members were into warhol's films back in the 1960's! what a wonderful little surprise!
ew, homework. but i did get to meet up with trevor for an early evening snack at 11th city diner. and the fried chicken at west town tavern was to die for!
today was the art history field trip to the art institute, making it my third time there in the last five days. a new record for me. i guess i'm just taking advantage of their free february special! after sketching for class, i took some snap shots of some of my favorite moments in the museum's spaces and permanent collection. i hope you enjoy this as much as i did!
the stairwell on the south side of the older wing (there is a lovely rodin at the top of the landing)
the beginning of the impressionist and post-impressionist gallery
the grand staircase
a student group and docent gathered around seurat's sunday afternoon on the isle of the grande jatte
cezanne's basket of apples
georgia o'keefe's clouds painting, east stairwell of the older wing
it wouldn't be a trip to the museum without a snazzy museum outfit! shirt: free, hat: thrifted, coat: nordstrom, pants: trash and vaudeville, cardigan (not visible): american apparel
coming back to knox is getting harder and harder. not because i don't it here - i love it here. it's quite the contrary. i know that my time at this amazing place is quickly coming to a close, and the idea of graduating settles in more and more each time i leave and each time i return, knowing that life here is transient and impermanent. oh next year, how exciting and wonderful and scary. c:i love my chicago, but who knows where i'll be!

11 February 2010

a happy list

so in my effort to write on here more frequently, and in my love for lexie, i have decided to follow in her footsteps and make a happy post. and guess what? i'm doing it from bed!

1) happy chef, chinatown chicago. everything from chicken feet, sharkfin soup, to the pork buns and chow fun, this place is some of the best chinese food you can get outside of china. and for the price you can't ask for much more. if any of you visit me in chicago, there's a chance i'll take you there - and we'll eat all the buns and noodles that we can handle - topping it off with an ice cold crisp can of coca cola.

2) a chicago style hot dog. i'm talking mustard, pickle, celery salt, relish, hot peppers, tomato, cucumber, a vienna beef sausage, on a poppy seed bun. and never, i mean never put ketchup on it. if you're up for the wait - i suggest visiting hot doug's on the northside of chicago, and going on a weekend to try the duckfat fries. they are divine. ps i apoligize to all my vegetarian readers!

3) my room, southloop chicago. i'm not sure if it's the relief i get after walking up four flights of stairs, or the view from my window, but i think i have the best room in the world. perched on top of my family's town house, i have a space that really is my own. my sleeping area is just that - separate from the clutter of my clothes, which are in a closet space in the hall of my room. it's difficult to have clutter in my room - something that really makes me evaluate what i own and i love it. it's the coziest happiest place i know, and i love it. why do i have to move out one day?

4) museums. i LOVE museums. i love the smell of a natural history museum - all of the old stuffed animals, and insects, and bones, and birds. i love the little metal buttons they make you wear at art museusm. i love the feel of the museum map in my hand, the rich paper they've selected. i love weaving my way through exhibitions, often looking at other peoples' faces while they look at what's on display. i love the gift shop and the cafe. i love how safe it feels.

rubens' medici cycle, the louvre, paris

the musee d'orsay, paris

the rothko room, the tate modern, london

taxidermied specimens, the field museum, chicago

5) receiving mail. there's something about looking into my k-box and seeing a magazine, letter, yellow package slip, note, candy, you name it that really tickles my fancy. i love love love mail. i love sending it and receiving it. i must confess, that i've mailed people bananas, fake teeth, candy, admiration letters - and i love every second of it. i'm thinking of a project where i burn cds for everyone in my senior class or something - but that's rather ambitions. we'll work on it. 

i'm posting my college k-box address up here temporarily if anyone feels inclined to surprise me.

sandy caribou
knox college - 725
2 e. south street
galesburg, il 61401

6) the knox college library. and every library for that matter. i love the smell of books. i do. i love reading books too. but i especially love our library. i'm pretty sure that lexie has already made a post about it on her blog, but let me reiterate how amazing it is. it's the reason why i came here. it's cozy. well lit. warm. quiet. welcoming. an overall extremely lovely and productive environment. and there are  a few really nice paintings in the bathroom. i am such an art history nerd. i think that saddest part about graduating is that my library card is deactivated and i lose access to all of those books. i'd be nowhere without the library/books/and research librarians. i'm sending them flowers when my thesis is done.

7) cooking with my mom. in every house i've lived in, the kitchen has been my favorite room. it's funny, most people prefer to lounge on the couch in the family room, or love the solitude of their bedrooms, but i love my kitchen. my mom is an amazing, i mean AMAZING cook and she has literally taught me all that i know. i want to cook my way through her recipes like julie powell did with julia child. i feel as though it'd be a way to be close to my mom when i can't be because i'm here or wherever my career takes me. i love waking up early to go to whole foods and tj's to get there as the doors open to avoid the rush, and then having the afternoon to listen to npr and bake and cook. mom, i know you are reading this - i love you and i love your cooking. you are seriously my role model.

mom doing her thing in our old kitchen

8) going out to eat with my dad. where my mom is an expert in the kitchen my father is an expert in the restaurant world. i've never had a bad meal with him. here is a laundry list of every restaurant he's hipped me up to that i've loved (that i can remember): hot chocolate chicago, urban belly, tank sushi, oysy sushi, the carnegie deli, happy chef, momofuko, i latini, quattro leoni, hot doug's, tre kroner, france's, clarke's, coco pazzo, the boingo room, and the new discovery xoco - and i'm going to rest my case there. he loves zagat's and always picks up a time out for whatever city we visit so we never have a bad meal. i love love love eating out with him. our dates are things i've come to treasure when i visit home. so thanks, dad. i love you very much!

9) this american life. i listen to this when i drive home/ to kentucky/ to indiana. i listen to it when i fall asleep. i listen to it in the car with my mom, before wait wait don't tell me. everything about this show makes me happy. i love ira glass. i got to meet him right before i left for college. if you haven't already heard it - download this past week's podcast. it's one of their best episodes yet! and if you have the chance, try to see a show live! it's a lot of fun!


here's a link to the house on loon lake.

10) clay. and last but not least, is my boy. we've been through the good, the bad, and the ugly - but the good seems to weigh out the bad. i am so fortunate to have him in my life again and i love every second we spend with one another. clay, you are the best. you make me laugh. i love you.

and there you have it. my happy list. since i'm supposed to retag 10 people i guess i'll do my best to fill that quota.

10 February 2010

this is my life.

so it's official, i am breaking up with winter. we've lost our spark. the romantic notions i've long associated with winter have fizzled up and died and now all i can think about is how quickly the white snow turns to black muck, then ice. how i lost control of my car on ice and had to stay in a motel in geneseo. how it took an extremely long time to get to indy last weekend due to a massive storm - which then proceeded to find its way to galesburg and snow some more. it's cold. it's wet. it's slippery. and i'm calling it quits.

this past week has been absurdly busy, and is only going to get crazier with the caa conference coming up this weekend! i feel as though a majority of the time i am running around like a chicken with its head cut off, constantly in meetings, sending emails, trying to fit eating into my schedule, etc. etc. painting has had its ups and downs this term. in the last week and a half we've cranked out 6 small figure paintings which progressively have gotten better and better. it's hard to have to paint to quickly, but such good practice. seriously. i think next we're moving on to more abstracted work which could get interesting AND the art field trip is this tuesday so YAY.


this is one of my gems from earlier this term.
as for my thesis, i am officially in the writing stage of it. i had a meeting with greg on monday and he's given me the okay to move forward! so now it's time to take my twenty-five page outline and make some magic. i have a draft due in a little under two weeks, and i'm feeling pretty good about it.

as for clay, things couldn't be better. though we hate the distance (as usual), our weekend in indiana was nothing less than perfect. we finished freaks and geeks which was so good, and now we have to search for another television series. any suggestions? we've decided to spend spring break together, and i'm hoping to visit for his 21st birthday and then there's a chance i might be in lexington with him this summer. i'm currently drafting two cover letters for positions in lex, so with any luck maybe just maybe i can spend a summer with him.

this one was taken in wafflehouse. my favorite.

other than the snow, the cold, the boy, the art, and the research things here have been alright. there's been some bouts of bad news and bad luck surrounding me, but i'm confident that things are on track to getting better. only 4 and a half more weeks till spring break. now that's something to smile about.

happy hump day.