24 February 2010

blueberry jam

currently listening to: amy milan [honey from the tomb]

so yesterday, idee geniale made a wonderful post dressing in lovely shades of blue and black. i was so inspired by her cozy look, that i decided to give it a try excited for the challenge of creating a look out of my own pieces. plus, with the temperatures dropping into the single digits, the last thing i wanted to do was wear a dress and tights today.

sweatshirt: american apparel, pull over: american apparel, 
shirt: american apparel, pants: h&m, socks: clarkes, 
shoes, earrings, necklace: thrifted, scarf: pierre cardin thrifted

in totally OTHER news than my clothes, my first draft of the gay, the drag and the ugly: examining gender and sexuality in andy warhol's western frontier, came out to be 40 pages in length and is currently in the hands of my professor. i am going to take a two day breather, stretch some canvases, see the magician tonight, and go to senior meeting! yay! oh and i'm going to start reading a book for pleasure. remember that? neither do i.


  1. cute, cute outfit. also, love the library books as jewelry display.

    p.s. congrats on finishing the thesis draft!! that's a fantastic title - sounds really interesting.

  2. your thesis sounds like a wonderful topic, i wish math could be that exciting.
    if you happen to be in town on a sunday between 4-6pm, feel free to come over to campus and listen to my tunes.

    i hope your pleasure reading goes well, it's the best thing. :)

  3. Oooh, I love your necklace. Congratulations on your thesis!