16 February 2010

college art association conference 2010 (and so much more)

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first and foremost, HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE'S DAY! though clay and i spent it together in indianpolis the week before, i just thought i'd send some happy loving thoughts into the lovely little blogosphere.
this past weekend/week has been outrageously busy and amazing. thursday afternoon a group of four art history majors left for the college art association conference on a grant funded trip! yes, i will admit that this was one of the nerdiest things i have done to date (including seeing this american life live, and making my own envelopes) - but seriously it was so so so much fun. 

friday was spent walking up and down michigan avenue. i woke up early for a doctor's appointment, then went to the hyatt to pick up my complimentary caa tote bag and NAME TAG. the first talk i attended was a discussion on the conflicts and solutions of curating the modern wing at the art institute of chicago and the entire curating staff held an open panel to address questions! it was so fantastic. and i rode the elevator with a gentileschi scholar, judy mann - i was art history "star struck", yes, it's possible. after the talk, evan and i grabbed a bite to eat, and then went to the talk on independent publishing, and i must say that the cartographer/art historian was my absolute favorite. we met our professors for a drink at the hotel bar, and after, headed to sultan's for falafel and lentil soup. and we finished the night off with homemade facials and sex and the city the movie. talk about perfect day and night.

saturday included a stop at the art institute to quickly run through the modern wing and visit the photography exhibition in the basement of the older building. looking at warhol's genitalia polaroid made me realize that i have so many polaroids that are sitting neatly (and chronologically) in a box under my bed... and i'm going to take some of my favorites and frame/mat them! yay! we went to a talk on the aesthetics of food, my favorite sessions being the gender issues of bento-box art culture as well as the talk on the logistics and space of restaurant kitchens in regards to the optimum output of the dishes. those talks were so enticing actually, that we worked up an appetite and went to beef and brandy on state street. i had meatloaf and mashed potatoes that rocked my world. after, we enjoyed a talk on the 1960's and then returned home for dinner with my family at a mano, an italian restaurant near marina city.

an assortment of appetizers (meats, cheeses, and crostini)
mom, dad, and i after dinner
sunday was the party for mari. basically a lot of cleaning and prep, delicious food, schmoozing, drinks, and catching up. i had no idea that so many of my parents friends / older family members were into warhol's films back in the 1960's! what a wonderful little surprise!
ew, homework. but i did get to meet up with trevor for an early evening snack at 11th city diner. and the fried chicken at west town tavern was to die for!
today was the art history field trip to the art institute, making it my third time there in the last five days. a new record for me. i guess i'm just taking advantage of their free february special! after sketching for class, i took some snap shots of some of my favorite moments in the museum's spaces and permanent collection. i hope you enjoy this as much as i did!
the stairwell on the south side of the older wing (there is a lovely rodin at the top of the landing)
the beginning of the impressionist and post-impressionist gallery
the grand staircase
a student group and docent gathered around seurat's sunday afternoon on the isle of the grande jatte
cezanne's basket of apples
georgia o'keefe's clouds painting, east stairwell of the older wing
it wouldn't be a trip to the museum without a snazzy museum outfit! shirt: free, hat: thrifted, coat: nordstrom, pants: trash and vaudeville, cardigan (not visible): american apparel
coming back to knox is getting harder and harder. not because i don't it here - i love it here. it's quite the contrary. i know that my time at this amazing place is quickly coming to a close, and the idea of graduating settles in more and more each time i leave and each time i return, knowing that life here is transient and impermanent. oh next year, how exciting and wonderful and scary. c:i love my chicago, but who knows where i'll be!


  1. there is NOTHING like seeing art in person. I've seen pictures of Basket of Apples a hundred million times but I bet its even more spectacular in person. I really really wish Seattle was better equipped with mueseums and galleries.

  2. love your hat! great color

    Chicago has such stunning museums, you don't need to apologize for geeking out, I would too!

    "meatloaf that rocked my world"- i love you! haha and those restuarant lectures sound fascinating!

    what year are you in college if you don't mind me asking?

  3. sophomore at George Washington University in DC (although I typically like to keep the GWU part under wraps for privacy purposes, totally don't mind telling you of course, but definitely would never post something so specific directly on the blog)

  4. I am studying English. My potential career path deviates every year though. Last year it was journalism (then I realized most journalists cannot write haha), now its academia (but I am worried about the snobbery) I take it you're studying art history? Out of curiosity who do you know at GW? It can be a very small world sometimes...