23 February 2010

it's definitely not spring

currently listening to: animal collective [merriweather post pavilion]

i guess my preemptive celebrations of spring were a little too premature - because literally three hours after i made that post it began to snow, covering little 'ol galesburg with 4 inches, which has now completely iced over and covered the sidewalks. i'm not complaining, i'm just saying it's a bit hard to get from place to place these days.

all i want to see right now is a knox tulip.

yesterday was my interview for the position at the kappa kappa gamma museum, and i think it went really well - now it's in their hands, i'll find out monday if i get it!

thesis writing is, going. i have a solid twenty pages, and i'm hoping to get this draft bundled up and in greg's office by tomorrow afternoon!

it's been really chilly in the library, and at knox in general so i thought i'd go for a "grunge casual" look today with flannel, sweatshirt, and a high-waisted skirt.

skirt: thrifted, tee: boyfriend's, flannel: target, hoodie: american apparel, 
tights: zara, shoes: thrifted gift from ashley, necklaces: thrifted, 
spoon n' fork earrings: gift from boyfriend

photo editing credit: thank you aroomofonesown for introducing my to toyanalog!!! i love love love you!


  1. love your outfit here, I love pairing t-shirts with skirts and the flannel is a great addition

    good luck on the thesis! I have a few friends working on those and they're tough, but sounds like you're cruising :)

  2. such a cute outfit, love the tshirt

    lovelove, M.

  3. hmm that batman shirt looks familiar

  4. whoa, KKG has a museum?? crazy.. do all sororities?
    love your earrings too!