18 February 2010

one last distraction before my weekend of thesis writing

currently listening to: vampire weekend [contra]

with my first draft of my warhol on thesis due this coming monday, i will probably be vanishing from the internet for a short period of time, but i didn't want to disappear without a quick little post. one of the things that is getting me through to the end of the term is that thought that spring break is just around the corner and that i will be spending half of it with my boy in lexington, and the other half with my boy in chicago. yay! a romantic getaway for two! i can't wait to walk up and down michigan avenue with him, and drag him to thrift stores in lexington and chicago!

here are some neighborhood pics from my hood. the sky went from being a fantastic concentrated blue to cloudy in the span of an hour. but i had the chance to get a few nice ones.

heading north up michigan avenue

the cna building and others

heading south on michigan avenue

this blue building is going to be torn down. :c

columbia/best western/condos

as for things around here, besides stressing about my thesis and painting everything is going well.

i have been asked to interview at the lexington art league for a summer internship, which is AMAZING for two huge reasons: 1) i will get gallery experience, 2) i will get to live with clay!

i am a finalist in the kappa kappa gamma museum internship search, which is also AMAZING for two huge reasons: 1) i will gain museum experience, 2) i am only three hours from clay!

i love art too much. okay time to go pick out what to wear and get going on my day!

yesterday's outfit was very well received. i'm waiting for it to warm up and to get a tripod until i venture outside for outfit shots. sry.

dress: lux gift from ashley, ochre shirt: gift from ashley, undershirt: h&m, tights: zara italy, shoes: gift from ashley


  1. love the styling of your outfit, I like strapless dress winterized!

    good luck the thesis. a warhol these sounds fascinating!

  2. I love thrift store shopping in chicago!

  3. i loooove your tea wall! and your outfit. and you.

  4. this outfit is superb, but really you must must must tell me about these teabags! Are they just cool decor or are they part of an art piece? either way I love it.