10 February 2010

this is my life.

so it's official, i am breaking up with winter. we've lost our spark. the romantic notions i've long associated with winter have fizzled up and died and now all i can think about is how quickly the white snow turns to black muck, then ice. how i lost control of my car on ice and had to stay in a motel in geneseo. how it took an extremely long time to get to indy last weekend due to a massive storm - which then proceeded to find its way to galesburg and snow some more. it's cold. it's wet. it's slippery. and i'm calling it quits.

this past week has been absurdly busy, and is only going to get crazier with the caa conference coming up this weekend! i feel as though a majority of the time i am running around like a chicken with its head cut off, constantly in meetings, sending emails, trying to fit eating into my schedule, etc. etc. painting has had its ups and downs this term. in the last week and a half we've cranked out 6 small figure paintings which progressively have gotten better and better. it's hard to have to paint to quickly, but such good practice. seriously. i think next we're moving on to more abstracted work which could get interesting AND the art field trip is this tuesday so YAY.


this is one of my gems from earlier this term.
as for my thesis, i am officially in the writing stage of it. i had a meeting with greg on monday and he's given me the okay to move forward! so now it's time to take my twenty-five page outline and make some magic. i have a draft due in a little under two weeks, and i'm feeling pretty good about it.

as for clay, things couldn't be better. though we hate the distance (as usual), our weekend in indiana was nothing less than perfect. we finished freaks and geeks which was so good, and now we have to search for another television series. any suggestions? we've decided to spend spring break together, and i'm hoping to visit for his 21st birthday and then there's a chance i might be in lexington with him this summer. i'm currently drafting two cover letters for positions in lex, so with any luck maybe just maybe i can spend a summer with him.

this one was taken in wafflehouse. my favorite.

other than the snow, the cold, the boy, the art, and the research things here have been alright. there's been some bouts of bad news and bad luck surrounding me, but i'm confident that things are on track to getting better. only 4 and a half more weeks till spring break. now that's something to smile about.

happy hump day.

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