26 February 2010

yesterday was epic.

currently listening to: vampire weekend [contra]

so yesterday was fantastic. not only was it absolutely blue and sunny, but i also didn't have to work on or think about my thesis. ta-ing art history was a cinch, and i actually read a novel in class out of sheer boredom. books 4 fun! what? while in class, i received a call from an internship program in chicago that i really really really want AND... THEY WANT TO INTERVIEW ME. this is crazy. i am actually hearing from programs. i guess all of those hours volunteering in galleries, attending art openings, & writing countless papers are starting to pay off! wooohooo.

after classes let out yesterday, i went to the galesburg civic art center to do some data entry, then a group of four of us went to the figge art museum in davenport, ia for college night. the other three students i was with were the hired band for the night, so i took to drinking gin and tonics and wondering around the galleried by myself. oh, and i wore fur. looking at the jackson pollock was lovely, but visiting my baby, the avery coonley house desk that i did extensive research on, absolutely made my night. i just with i could reach out and open it's drawers.

after the museum, we got thai food (so exotic! sarcasm.), then drove back to the 'burg for some pitchers of beer at duffy's - along with endless country hits on my favorite juke box.

all in all, a fantastic day was had.

since i divide my time between the arts building and the library these days, i found it fitting to have an outfit post in the drawing studio where i have my easel and paints set up.

dress: f21, shirt & tights: zara, glasses: dkny, 
sunglasses: prescription old people glasses, 
ring: solana beach flea market, earrings: gift from mari (amsterdam), 
bracelet: gift from boyfriend, shoes, scarf, & necklace: thrifted


  1. you should post a shot of your latest self portrait!!!

  2. i love your sax earrings wow

    that day sounds great! congrats on the interview

  3. What a fantastic day! I hope your interview goes well!

  4. is there ANYPLACE better than an art studio? THey always have the most amazing light. You should sow us what you're workig on! nd congrats on the internship interview, I'm sure you'll be smashing

  5. take more photos in the studio! these are lovely.