30 March 2010

spring term is like here

currently reading: visual culture theory reading!!

sorry sorry sorry for the lack of updates, i've sort of been all over the place what with coming back to school, figuring out my new schedule, taking care of passover errands/ planning the hillel club seder, etc. etc.

anyways, i've been up to a lot. cut my bangs AGAIN. i have no idea what's going on with my hair, maybe i'm just really into cutting it like everyday?

classes are up and running. i'm taking: visual culture theory, intro to ceramics, and feminist philosophy - so basically it's going to be a term filled with art, gender issues, and lots and lots of clay.

school has been crazy what with flunk day around the corner, issues with picking the flunk day friars, sorting out the events & debates about sexual assault from last term, and the dean of our school being terminated last friday without so much as an official word of notice from the administration. things are getting a little sticky here, but after watching two seasons of gossip girl in a very short amount of time, i kind of like all of the heat and action.

before i hit the 'burg, the family went to see joe lavono and us five featuring esperanza spaulding at the jazz showcase in chicago, and let me just say it was absolutely fantastic. there's nothing better than bloody marys, live jazz, and being in the bosom of one's family, and all i can say is that i'm super duper grateful to be from such a fantastic city and to have such an amazing family. viva guttmans.

this is what i wore to the show:

dress: funky monkey [nola], jacket: rinacente [firenze], leggings: urban outfitters, 
shoes: cottonon [hk], banana republic sweater [thrifted/sister's], 
purse: antique mall [galesburg, il], necklace: thrifted

23 March 2010

i'm chuck bass

currently listening to: rilo kiley [the execution of all things]
currently obsessed with: dexter and lookbook.nu [ask for an invite!]

so chicago has been absolutely fantastic. since i've been back, i have managed to do a whole
big bunch of things, including thrifting, family time, and yes, eating lots and lots of delicious food.
clay and i spent our first full day in chicago with grace and sophie. we waited in line for an hour
at hot doug's friday just so we could enjoy the world famous duck fat fries, and my personal
all-time favorite, chicago style hot dogs. after, we hit up the village thrift on roscoe, where i
picked up a silk nautical blouse, a denim vest & jacket, and another sweater shirt to add to my

after thrifting we visited molly's cupcakes on clark for a delicious treat! i had the raspberry
chocolate cupcake, and clay had a turtle one. for those of you who haven't been, molly's
is an adorable cupcake shop that has yummy little cupcakes, a swingset bar, board games
galore, and it's very own "sprinkle station" where one can sprinkle their own cupcake to
their heart's desire. i have a sprinkle addiction, and this little shop totally met my craving.

photographed above: molly's cupcakes, clay being clay, 
the wiener's circle hot dog stand, mies van der rohe architecture, 
& grace and sophie looking lovely in the city

i've been really into brown, blue, black, and yellow lately. sometimes, i sit and daydream about
outfits, always consisting of those staples. this levi's shirt is one of my prized possessions, being
that it has pockets, is linen, and without fail always has wrinkles which i can appreciate.

tie & purse: various antique stores, shoes: cole haan, 
skirt: american apparel, shirt: levi's rinacente, jacket: forever 21

20 March 2010

wake up in the morning feeling like p. diddy

currently watching: dexter [season one] 

i'm back in chicago after my trip to kentucky! the trip had bumps, but  i think things are going to be okay. we spent most of the trip laying in bed, eating delicious kentucky food, and just being with each other. i definitely caught up on a month's worth of sleep, which is getting me pumped for spring term!

as for my interview at the lexington art league, i aced it! and i've been offered a summer internship!! the gallery is totally amazing, forward thinking, and in this really cool old mansion in a park not too far from clay's apartment, so if i take it, i can just ride a bike to work. i still have my interview with the art institute next week, but  it's nice to know that there is some sort of a plan just incase. 

we're back in chicago now, and we've been running up and down the city doing great chicago things. i'll have a chicago post tomorrow.

as for kentucky, this photograph was taken in front of indy's a chicken wings spot that has killer potato wedges, fantastic pink lemonade, delicious wings, and yes, an amazing paint job!

jacket, pants: forever 21, blouse: antique store, 
shoes: cole haan outlet store, purse: galesburg antique mall

14 March 2010

well hello there

currently listening to: tv on the radio [dear science]

well well well, what do we have here? it's been 9 days (almost 10!) since my last update, and so much has happened. here's the list:

-initiation after party [uv blue, native americans, etc. etc.]
-locked myself in the library
-finished three paintings
-final critique
-wrote richter response
-organized passover seder [well sorta]
-gave myself a haircut!
-went to the antique mall with lexie and kathryn
-coney island
-mcdonald's breakfast
-FINISHED MY THESIS, 60 pages long. phew.
-midnight breakfast!
-drove home
-spent lots and lots of quality time with mom and ben
-daylight saving's time [hello light]
-liberty london release at target
-antique mall in wisco
-outlet malls in wisco
-bought and ate pies on pi day, lolz.

so yeah. it's been wonderful and busy and crazy, and i leave for kentucky REALLY EARLY tomorrow morning. so no updates for a few more days... but i'll try to do a few outfit updates soon. promise promise promise.

this is me in the parking lot of my target. lovely view, non?
dress: abercrombie & fitch, leggings and coat: target, shoes: thrifted

05 March 2010

bloglovin' forever

currently: listening to pop music via kiko's pandora [don't stop believin' just came on]

so to take a break from the craziness that is finals week, lexie my inspiration/bloggirl and i decided to do a shoot together. texts exchanged this morning were adorable, as we frantically tried to figure out what to wear and where to meet, and i kind of love this spot in front of gdh (where my weekly radioshow is!!). this post is a perfect example of how we've been dressing as of late - me in greys and bright yellow and lexie in her lovely neutrals and browns. the snow is slowly melting, and it's looking like it's going to be a fabulously warm weekend. too bad i'm gonna be in the library like a maniac. follow me on tumblr to get more of my crazy updates!

 me: cardigan & legging: target, skirt: aa, shirt: lux, stone necklace: gift [from teacher], 
jade bangle: gift [from mom!], earrings [gift from lexie!], paisley bangle: thrifted, 
bug bangle: science museum, ring: flea market, gold necklace: marc by marc jacobs

lexie: skirt: lux, sweater: vintage (from kathryn), boots: dolce vita (from jacob)

04 March 2010

black and yellow, busy like a bee.

currently watching: gossip girl [season one] - because i'm absolutely hooked
currently eating: toast with blueberry jam and butter

the days are getting sunnier, warmer, and longer, finally! i took today's gorgeous mid-fourties weather as an opportunity to do my first shoot outside - and oops! i happened to be doing these during a passing period in a central part of campus. let's just say that i got a few awkward looks, but i love the blue of the sky with my yellows, so the effect was well achieved. either way, i really love this yellow dress but i can't wear it everyday because, it's yellow and it's special to me.

i'm still busy as ever, but i'm counting the days until spring break and it's 9 days away! 11 days until i fly to kentucky to be with my clayboy, and bliss bliss bliss. i can't wait to sleep, watch freaks & geeks, celebrate st. paddy's day, and just relax. any suggestions for what i should do over break? any good books to read? movies to see? let me know please. kthx.

coat: forever21, dress: chatuchak market [bangkok],  flats: cottonon [hong kong], 
leggings & cardigan: target, necklace: falsi gioli [florence], earrings: gift from 
mari [kuala lumpur], sunglasses: uncle fun [chicago]

and for all of you art history buffs out there, this should make your night.
this is 70 million, by the hold your horses

03 March 2010

initiation and art history

currently listening to: vampire weekend [contra] (why am i even listing this? i'm clearly obsessed).

so yesterday's post felt a little vague - when the reality is that i was sort of having a mini "what am i doing with my life?" meltdown. for some reason i neglected to mention that i was rejected from two internships that i applied for in the last 48 hours, which is tough. but publicly denying it doesn't make the truth go away. which is fine. i still have two more interviews lined up, and i'm looking forward to whatever lies ahead for me. phew. it feels good to get that off of my chest.

besides being a bit bummed out and feeling sorry for myself yesterday, i took a gigantic "sad-person" nap, and woke up to texts asking if i wanted to see shutter island for cheap/free popcorn night at the galesburg theater. and guess what? it was amazing. i may have missed lost, but i got a solid two hours of me and leo time, which is basically the best pick-me-up the world can offer.

it's i-week for kappa, which basically means that we have initiation this saturday (bright and early 7 am!!). it's the first initiation we're holding in our house and we're all very nervous and very pumped. it should be amazing (and that's all i can share). the first wednesday of every month is "pin-dress", i.e. business casual dress + wearing the kappa badge. since the studio was full of students after my painting class, i decided to conduct my photoshoot in the round room (named for its shape obviously). as an art history major, this room holds a special place in my heart since it's where all of the slide lectures are held. i'm definitely going to miss this place when i gr*d**t*. i'm not allowed to say "the g word" around kappas, it's pretty much a sin. so there you have it. pin dress, kappa, and yay today felt like spring for sure!

jacket: rinascente a firenze, shoes: cottonon hong kong, 
fleur-de-lis earrings: chatuchak market bangkok, scarf, 
camisole, aa skirt: thrifted, key: kappa kappa gamma, leggings: target

02 March 2010


taking a break from my thesis the last few days has been really wonderful, but with finals approaching next week, it's high time for me to put on my thinking cap to crank out some wonderful work. 

in the next week i have to:
  • write a final draft of my thesis
  • put together a powerpoint on the farnsworth house
  • start and finish 2-3 paintings
  • do a richter write-up on "horse"
  • do a richter write-up on the caa conference
  • start the mca application
looks like i have my work cut out for me! to decompress from all of the craziness, i went thrifting at salvation army where i picked up this amazing plaid button-up from sears. i've worn it every day - i'm kind of attached. i also purchased a lovely blue and blue smith corona typewriter that is not only in fantastic condition, but it also has a fresh ribbon in it, and i'm in the middle of an epic letter to bryce. if you're interested in receiving a letter, let me know via email [sandycaribou@gmail.com].

i liked my latest post in the studio, and when i returned today to do a mini-shoot, there was an open studio class going on, so i opted for the next best thing: photographs of myself in front of my friend abbie's latest wood sculpture. i'm kind of obsessed with it, i hope you like it as much as i do!

cardigan & tank top: j.crew, pants: trash and vaudeville, shirt, necklaces, & shoes: thrifted