04 March 2010

black and yellow, busy like a bee.

currently watching: gossip girl [season one] - because i'm absolutely hooked
currently eating: toast with blueberry jam and butter

the days are getting sunnier, warmer, and longer, finally! i took today's gorgeous mid-fourties weather as an opportunity to do my first shoot outside - and oops! i happened to be doing these during a passing period in a central part of campus. let's just say that i got a few awkward looks, but i love the blue of the sky with my yellows, so the effect was well achieved. either way, i really love this yellow dress but i can't wear it everyday because, it's yellow and it's special to me.

i'm still busy as ever, but i'm counting the days until spring break and it's 9 days away! 11 days until i fly to kentucky to be with my clayboy, and bliss bliss bliss. i can't wait to sleep, watch freaks & geeks, celebrate st. paddy's day, and just relax. any suggestions for what i should do over break? any good books to read? movies to see? let me know please. kthx.

coat: forever21, dress: chatuchak market [bangkok],  flats: cottonon [hong kong], 
leggings & cardigan: target, necklace: falsi gioli [florence], earrings: gift from 
mari [kuala lumpur], sunglasses: uncle fun [chicago]

and for all of you art history buffs out there, this should make your night.
this is 70 million, by the hold your horses


  1. omg rembrandt! haha

    love your dress amazing color

    I am dying for spring break, sooo close

  2. That video is too funny! I love your yellow jacket.