05 March 2010

bloglovin' forever

currently: listening to pop music via kiko's pandora [don't stop believin' just came on]

so to take a break from the craziness that is finals week, lexie my inspiration/bloggirl and i decided to do a shoot together. texts exchanged this morning were adorable, as we frantically tried to figure out what to wear and where to meet, and i kind of love this spot in front of gdh (where my weekly radioshow is!!). this post is a perfect example of how we've been dressing as of late - me in greys and bright yellow and lexie in her lovely neutrals and browns. the snow is slowly melting, and it's looking like it's going to be a fabulously warm weekend. too bad i'm gonna be in the library like a maniac. follow me on tumblr to get more of my crazy updates!

 me: cardigan & legging: target, skirt: aa, shirt: lux, stone necklace: gift [from teacher], 
jade bangle: gift [from mom!], earrings [gift from lexie!], paisley bangle: thrifted, 
bug bangle: science museum, ring: flea market, gold necklace: marc by marc jacobs

lexie: skirt: lux, sweater: vintage (from kathryn), boots: dolce vita (from jacob)


  1. yay love you two together. two of my fav bloggers in action

  2. eeee i love the photo effect you added! so pretty.

    and yes, thrifting in peoria + silly photo shoot with kr + happy spring time is definitely ON!