30 March 2010

spring term is like here

currently reading: visual culture theory reading!!

sorry sorry sorry for the lack of updates, i've sort of been all over the place what with coming back to school, figuring out my new schedule, taking care of passover errands/ planning the hillel club seder, etc. etc.

anyways, i've been up to a lot. cut my bangs AGAIN. i have no idea what's going on with my hair, maybe i'm just really into cutting it like everyday?

classes are up and running. i'm taking: visual culture theory, intro to ceramics, and feminist philosophy - so basically it's going to be a term filled with art, gender issues, and lots and lots of clay.

school has been crazy what with flunk day around the corner, issues with picking the flunk day friars, sorting out the events & debates about sexual assault from last term, and the dean of our school being terminated last friday without so much as an official word of notice from the administration. things are getting a little sticky here, but after watching two seasons of gossip girl in a very short amount of time, i kind of like all of the heat and action.

before i hit the 'burg, the family went to see joe lavono and us five featuring esperanza spaulding at the jazz showcase in chicago, and let me just say it was absolutely fantastic. there's nothing better than bloody marys, live jazz, and being in the bosom of one's family, and all i can say is that i'm super duper grateful to be from such a fantastic city and to have such an amazing family. viva guttmans.

this is what i wore to the show:

dress: funky monkey [nola], jacket: rinacente [firenze], leggings: urban outfitters, 
shoes: cottonon [hk], banana republic sweater [thrifted/sister's], 
purse: antique mall [galesburg, il], necklace: thrifted


  1. i saw another blog gal wearing something cotton on and i thought of you! i LOVE your dress and your hair. and YOU.

    we need to do another outfit shoot together!

  2. It is a part of the Passing project! It's also a part of Come Together Kentucky, a conference that is happening on campus the same weekend.
    & of course there will be pictures. :)
    Your classes sound great, in my intro to visual art class we're working with clay (which is something I've never done before, it's pretty rad).

  3. 1. if you go a concert or art show next time, i wanna be considered as company. no matter where.
    2. long time ago, i remember you said whether you are a trendy. my answer is YES with 100% support.
    then enjoy this
    (i assume you know this person)
    3. taste of Jamaica in my blog.

  4. my international on-the-lookout for fashion daughter! no pix of the brisket?