02 March 2010


taking a break from my thesis the last few days has been really wonderful, but with finals approaching next week, it's high time for me to put on my thinking cap to crank out some wonderful work. 

in the next week i have to:
  • write a final draft of my thesis
  • put together a powerpoint on the farnsworth house
  • start and finish 2-3 paintings
  • do a richter write-up on "horse"
  • do a richter write-up on the caa conference
  • start the mca application
looks like i have my work cut out for me! to decompress from all of the craziness, i went thrifting at salvation army where i picked up this amazing plaid button-up from sears. i've worn it every day - i'm kind of attached. i also purchased a lovely blue and blue smith corona typewriter that is not only in fantastic condition, but it also has a fresh ribbon in it, and i'm in the middle of an epic letter to bryce. if you're interested in receiving a letter, let me know via email [sandycaribou@gmail.com].

i liked my latest post in the studio, and when i returned today to do a mini-shoot, there was an open studio class going on, so i opted for the next best thing: photographs of myself in front of my friend abbie's latest wood sculpture. i'm kind of obsessed with it, i hope you like it as much as i do!

cardigan & tank top: j.crew, pants: trash and vaudeville, shirt, necklaces, & shoes: thrifted


  1. your pictures are always amazing for me.

  2. wow that is a lot of work, now I feel lazy

  3. Good luck, good luck, good luck! I know you can do it!

  4. the photo are very rad and i like your outfits

  5. i hope you get all of your thesis work done so when kathryn gets here we can be 24 hour party people!

    you look beautiful as always - whenever i go thrifting i'm ALWAYS attracted to plaid! also salvation army did some kind of store reset and i think the racks are easier to pick through for us shorter gals.

  6. S.S.H.! I am loving the picture of you in just the yellow tank!
    a. the studio suits you so well!
    b. let's go thrifting together this spring (+ Lexie!)

  7. cute pictures and outfit, love that yellow shirt!

    lovelove, M.