20 March 2010

wake up in the morning feeling like p. diddy

currently watching: dexter [season one] 

i'm back in chicago after my trip to kentucky! the trip had bumps, but  i think things are going to be okay. we spent most of the trip laying in bed, eating delicious kentucky food, and just being with each other. i definitely caught up on a month's worth of sleep, which is getting me pumped for spring term!

as for my interview at the lexington art league, i aced it! and i've been offered a summer internship!! the gallery is totally amazing, forward thinking, and in this really cool old mansion in a park not too far from clay's apartment, so if i take it, i can just ride a bike to work. i still have my interview with the art institute next week, but  it's nice to know that there is some sort of a plan just incase. 

we're back in chicago now, and we've been running up and down the city doing great chicago things. i'll have a chicago post tomorrow.

as for kentucky, this photograph was taken in front of indy's a chicken wings spot that has killer potato wedges, fantastic pink lemonade, delicious wings, and yes, an amazing paint job!

jacket, pants: forever 21, blouse: antique store, 
shoes: cole haan outlet store, purse: galesburg antique mall


  1. Mmm, the potato wedges are my favorite!
    Congrats on the internship, you're pretty amazing. :)

  2. oh man, that keisha song. when I first heard that I wanted to vomit haha

    I LOVE DEXTER! glad you do too, my parents think I am a lunatic for liking a show about a serial killer haha, but it is totally addicting. all of my winter break was spent watching seasons 1 and 2

    way to go on the internship! you sound super passionate about art, so you deserve this job :)

  3. congrats about the internship! it sounds amazing. Kentucky never really struck me as exciting but I'd imagine it'd be a perfect roadtrip place. And that paint job is fantastic

  4. i cant wait to hear all about your adventures! i hope we have a date soon.

    ps you look adorabz as always.