14 March 2010

well hello there

currently listening to: tv on the radio [dear science]

well well well, what do we have here? it's been 9 days (almost 10!) since my last update, and so much has happened. here's the list:

-initiation after party [uv blue, native americans, etc. etc.]
-locked myself in the library
-finished three paintings
-final critique
-wrote richter response
-organized passover seder [well sorta]
-gave myself a haircut!
-went to the antique mall with lexie and kathryn
-coney island
-mcdonald's breakfast
-FINISHED MY THESIS, 60 pages long. phew.
-midnight breakfast!
-drove home
-spent lots and lots of quality time with mom and ben
-daylight saving's time [hello light]
-liberty london release at target
-antique mall in wisco
-outlet malls in wisco
-bought and ate pies on pi day, lolz.

so yeah. it's been wonderful and busy and crazy, and i leave for kentucky REALLY EARLY tomorrow morning. so no updates for a few more days... but i'll try to do a few outfit updates soon. promise promise promise.

this is me in the parking lot of my target. lovely view, non?
dress: abercrombie & fitch, leggings and coat: target, shoes: thrifted


  1. so many wonderful things! i am so proud of you for finishing your thesis! and kathryn and i had a BLAST shopping and eating out with you! thank you for coming along!

  2. lovely! also, wasn't liberty of london for target AMAZING?

    p.s. i can't belive you were in an elevator with judy mann!!

  3. wow congrats on the thesis! so many of my friends are bogged down by their thesis right now. my one friend had to get to 60 pages and only made it to 50 in reality...so way to go!

    glad we're chatting again. I miss reading your blog and your comments, but I understand how insanely busy you are so it's all okay