30 April 2010

cute style

currently reading: minor robberies [deb olin unferth]
currently listening to: kate nash [my best friend is you]

So much has happened in the last eleven days! I can't believe that eleven days have gone
by! And with each passing day we come one day closer to graduation, which is terrifying
and exciting at the same time. Here's a bit of a sum up list of all the fantastic things that
have been happening as of late:

+Portobello Thursdays
+BBQing on Ben & Evan's porch
+Acing my Philosophy of Feminism quiz.
+Receiving a Titanic puzzle in the mail.
+Kate Nash's new CD.
+Kathy, Zac, & Abbie's art opening.
+Angels and Airwaves with Ben, Clay, & Val.
+Family time in Chicago.
+The Hyde Park Jazz Society.
+Urban Belly for ramen with Clay.
+Eating at Q's Cafe a lot!
+Fantastic weather.

Ben Scott & I are also working on started a Knox College Fashion zine titled Youth Style
& I'm including some of the pictures from our first shoot done on his lovely porch. We're
pretty pumped about getting this thing printed, it's gonna be tight.

Basically this past week & a half has been really lovely. There are your average bumps in
the road, but with nice weather and fun friends, it's getting harder and harder to whine
about things these days. I'm still busy as ever, but this next month is something to remember.

BBQ on Ben & Evan's porch

ben scott, youth style
katie hart, youth style
sandy caribou: youth style
blouse & belt: thrifted, skirt & cardigan: american 
apparel, tights: zara, sandals: target

19 April 2010

backtrack to last friday

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currently studying: my philosophy of feminism notes

So much has been happening lately that it's kind of hard to keep updated on here
without wondering if I'm missing something going on outside. Nevertheless, I
think now is a good time update & I'm putting off studying for this dreaded
test tomorrow, thus here I am clicking away.

So last Friday was just another day, beginning with Visual Culture Theory, but
after class things kicked into full gear. I went to Q's with Lexie for lunch, and in
case I haven't mentioned it already, I am so obsessed with Q's and so mad at myself
for not eating there until two weeks ago! Every time I've gone in the last two
weeks, which I think has been three times, I've tried a different sandwich. So far
I've had the turkey w/ cranberry mayo, the roast beef w/ horseradish mayo, and
the baja park with avocado. Basically Q's is to die for, and there's nothing better
than eat a delicious meal in the company of your friends.

After lunch I headed back to school to organize the craft cabinet, and host a meeting
of Making Things, followed by the first senior art talk/ art opening of the season! 4
fantastic artists last Friday, and 4 more this coming Friday including the likes of
Kathy Olsen, Abbie Frank, & Zac Bahr!! I am so pumped. After the art talk, Ben
& I went to dinner, then hit up Kate's solo dance show BodyMass which was
really fantastic. I was a fan of the dance in which Yumi played the trombone.
Then after the dance performance we stopped by the punkshow outside of CFA
and finished off our tour-de-art at the art opening at The Box gallery. Basically it
was such an intense and fantastic night. Yay art! Yay people!

K, time to go study. More on my fantastic Saturday to come!

cardigan: j. crew, shirt: f21, skirt/skort, earrings, & 
necklace: thrifted, shoes h&m, button: starscream show

17 April 2010

joe meno has a new book out this week!

currently listening to: i luv u justin bieber!!! [a mix for devin mills]

this week has certainly flown by! all i can say is having a spring cold of allergies or
whatever this thing in my body is has totally thrown a wrench in my week, but don't
worry i'm still managing to do a lot and have some fun while i'm at it. i "finished"
another draft of my thesis, and at this point, i'm not sure why greg keeps making me
edit it. i've printed so many drafts and i'm starting to think this is all one big waste of
paper after a certain point in time. but no worries, it's pretty much where it needs to

thursday was my final art history field trip to the art institute in chicago, and for some
reason i didn't feel a real sense of urgency walking around the museum. i think that
stems from the fact that i will be there everyday this summer, so i don't need to soak
up everything like i usually do. the weather was 80, sunny, perfect. i took some pictures
and did a chicago fashion shoot. speaking of chicago fashion, ben scott bumped into
tavi the new girl in town which is good and nice, but i bumped into benjamin mckenzie
ie ryan atwood from the o.c. which to me is basically my dream come true.  he's so
handsome in person and he was in the museum! score for me.

i have to go make deviled eggs, roasted eggplant dip, and clean out my closet.

c ya in a bit!

the modern wing and the school of the art institute
max's hot dogs and a downtown street
millenium park fountain & michigan avenue
the edge of grant park & an empty spot where that cute blue building was back in february
a tree in blossom in the courtyard of my complex
cardigan: j. crew, tiedye dress: my mom's, white denim: levi's, 
flats: h&m, jade bangle: hong kong, necklace: thrifted, 
sunglasses: fiesoli flea market

14 April 2010

spring has sprung

currently listening to: jj [jj no 1]

Well the last week and a half has totally flown by and as usual, a ton has happened.
For starters, I got my thesis feedback last Monday, and have since finished my final
edits & written my acknowledgments page, which to say the least is a little bit sappy
if you ask me. I've been stressing on and off about this summer, next year, and the
impending doom that is graduation, but last Thursday I received the fantastic news
SHIP! Basically, I got my dream job, I'm a mile from home, and I'm going to be
looking at art and working with people all day for eight weeks this summer. AND
since I'm going to be in Chicago, I can start committing to summer plans, which 

-Caribou and The Books at Millenium Park [FREE]
-The Wisconsin State Fair
-Camping with my sister
-4th of July Party at my place
-At least one day of Pitchfork
-Going to the beach on the weekends

My summer is looking mighty tantalizing as of right now. Also, my birthday was
this past Sunday, and my darling mother and best friend Adolfo decided to make
a surprise visit to come to Galesburg and cook me brunch - I was pretty speechless
when I got out of the shower and they were standing in my apartment! Mom, you
and Adolfo should both know that you rock. Brunch was delicious. My birthday
party was the night before, and it was Titanic themed. I wore my gigantic Titanic
tee-shirt that Greta somehow made look really really sexy on me, and I made
nametags for my guests who were either in first class or steerage. Steerage kids
had to drink Keystone Light & my fellow firsties were able to toss back a few
Gin and Titonics. Basically, I had a lot of fun with my themed party. 

With midterms around the corner and the weather so very nice, I'm having a hard
time picking between lounging outside and hitting the books, but here are some
photographs from the last week.
homemade greenbeans and roasted zucchini dip for portobello thursdays

sitting in the grass & wearing flats and sandals daily

admiring the knox tulips, which i came to this school for

Here are some more library shots. This is the Red Room, named so for the color
of its carpet. This room houses a majority of the art books, and I can't help but
feel happy knowing that my fields books are housed in the nicest room in the

shorts & top: levi's, shoes: target, handmade vest: fred segal [santa monica], necklace: thrifted,
prayer beads: italia, silver beads: gift from tifanny & co., jade bracelet: gift from my 
mother [hk], sunglassed: fiesoli flea market

05 April 2010

it's my birthday week!

currently listening to: kate nash [made of bricks, in honor of lexie]
currently watching: new moon [i'm just seeing what all the hype is about, taylor lautner, get a shirt!]

Happy Monday lovely blogosphere! It is officially my birthday week, well sort of.
My birthday is on Sunday and I think of the week leading up to my birthday as Birthday
 Week, because one day is clearly not enough for me. It's hard to believe that I'm turning
 22, but I'll take it. Things here have their ebb & flow, and it's been a tough couple of days
 emotionally, but I'm working through it, and hey, who said everything should be easy &
 perfect? Today I had a thesis feedback meeting with my professor, and it looks like my
thesis just needs one more nip/tuck before I can move on to the speech-writing process &
 powerpointing! Additionally, I'm starting to compile my list of Graduate School Programs
 with dual degrees in Art History and Curatorial Studies, and right now it looks like I'm loving
 The Art Institute of Chicago & NYU, but there are so many great schools to consider!!! I'm
 also working on putting together a mini-crafting-concert event with Making Things [craft club],
 so I'll keep you all posted on that.

The weather has been mild and pleasant, meaning I can bust out dresses and sandals! And I
 don't have to have a jacket all the time! I took these pictures outside of the Old Jail where my
 professor's office is. I love the red brick with the blue green painted wood.

 I bought this dress for my high school graduation, and because of it's original purpose, I seldom
wear it. I don't know if it's psychological, but whenever I buy something for a specific event or
a special occasion, it gets painted in a different light and takes on a sort of magical persona, which
means I have tons of amazing things in my closet that I only wear once in a blue moon. I'm trying
to break this cycle, so here goes!

Also, I'd like you to note that I am wearing my "Heart of The Ocean" necklace, one of my pride
& joy garage sale steals!! In case you didn't already know this weird detail about me, I am an
absolute Titanic buff! And with the anniversary of the ships voyage/sinking just around the corner
I thought this necklace perfectly appropriate!! 50 cents well spent!

dress: urban outfitters, white denim: levi's, sandals: target, earrings: thrifted, 
heart of the ocean necklace[!!!!]: garage sale [galesburg], 
sunglasses: flea market [fiesoli]

04 April 2010

knox college: home of the prairie fire

currently listening to: sufjan stevens [come on feel the illinoise, "the prairie fire that wanders about"]
currently reading: love medicine [louise erdich]

so for those of you unfamiliar with my school, knox college, you must be unaware that our mascot
is the prairie fire. we used to be the old siwash, a native american tribe, but in light of being politically
correct, we've opted for a nice happy medium of local flavor and whimsy: the prairie fire. we have
as one of our several amazing traditions the annual prairie fire burn at green oaks, which is our 
environmental field research station about 25 miles from campus. basically, my school rocks. 

the burn is controlled, and started/finished by environmental majors who organize and run the burn
to simulate the fire that usually sweeps the prairie yearly, giving it a controlled yet natural lifespan.
it's hot, it smells delicious, and there was lots of chili to be eaten. here are some of my photographs!

this is what the typical landscape outside of the galesburg city limits looks like. lots & lots of farmland.

let the wild rumpus begin!

the burn wrapped around the curving corner


oh, and it was kathy olsen's birthday.

kathy and i at the prairie burn '08.

a sculpture by tony gant after the burn. lovely.

the apex of the burn, and the aftermath.

wandering in the soot

kathy and bryce

spine and jaw reunited.

jacked: children's place [thrifted], pull over: american apparel, teeshirt: hanes [target], 
pants: f21, shoes: converse [strange cargo chicago], bandana: [army navy surplus chicago], 
faux longchamp: chatuchak market [bangkok], sunglasses: flea market [fiesoli]

02 April 2010

picked up my cap & gown, man how time flies

currently listening to: pedro the lion [control] (i always seem to come back to this album)
currently trying to finish reading: love medicine [louise erdich]

so on top of my art performance piece getting into catch, this week has been really fulfilling.

sunday mom and i cooked a lot of brisket. i'm talking 12 pounds of meat. mom did a majority of the work, but i took care of all of the side dishes (with the aid of my lovely hillel helpers). the seder was monday night, and for being the first one that i've ever organized/had at knox, i'm going to say that it went really really well!! here are some pictures from the event. i'm kind of bummed that i didn't get any before pictures of the food, but let me assure you, there was lots of it.

tuesdays and thursdays i have feminist philosophy and ceramics, and i love both of the classes very much. prof. bill young is so excited about every philosophy course he teaches, and it totally rubs off on the students, and i'm starting to feel really empowered from these readings! look out men! ceramics is fun, we're making 12" vessels inspired by nature, and i'm making a curving/undulating vase with circles on it inspired by the lunar cycle/waves/and the curves of the female figure. i'm probably going to name it j.lo. pix after it's done and fired. p.s. all of this wedging and rolling has got my arms feeling sore, in a good way.

the weather here has been spectacular. lots of lounging out and getting kisses by the sun, hence the lack of updates. but i'm having fun, relaxing, and just trying to enjoy the last bits of my time here at knox. emo. ps can you believe i picked up my cap & gown???? neither can i. i think making things is going to host a cap & gown bedazzle fest. i'm covering my cap in gold sequins. c:

and now for some good ol' porch sitting.

dress: free people, jewelry: thrifted, sunglasses: flea market in florence, shoes: target