19 April 2010

backtrack to last friday

currently listening to: ghost mice/paul baribeau split
currently studying: my philosophy of feminism notes

So much has been happening lately that it's kind of hard to keep updated on here
without wondering if I'm missing something going on outside. Nevertheless, I
think now is a good time update & I'm putting off studying for this dreaded
test tomorrow, thus here I am clicking away.

So last Friday was just another day, beginning with Visual Culture Theory, but
after class things kicked into full gear. I went to Q's with Lexie for lunch, and in
case I haven't mentioned it already, I am so obsessed with Q's and so mad at myself
for not eating there until two weeks ago! Every time I've gone in the last two
weeks, which I think has been three times, I've tried a different sandwich. So far
I've had the turkey w/ cranberry mayo, the roast beef w/ horseradish mayo, and
the baja park with avocado. Basically Q's is to die for, and there's nothing better
than eat a delicious meal in the company of your friends.

After lunch I headed back to school to organize the craft cabinet, and host a meeting
of Making Things, followed by the first senior art talk/ art opening of the season! 4
fantastic artists last Friday, and 4 more this coming Friday including the likes of
Kathy Olsen, Abbie Frank, & Zac Bahr!! I am so pumped. After the art talk, Ben
& I went to dinner, then hit up Kate's solo dance show BodyMass which was
really fantastic. I was a fan of the dance in which Yumi played the trombone.
Then after the dance performance we stopped by the punkshow outside of CFA
and finished off our tour-de-art at the art opening at The Box gallery. Basically it
was such an intense and fantastic night. Yay art! Yay people!

K, time to go study. More on my fantastic Saturday to come!

cardigan: j. crew, shirt: f21, skirt/skort, earrings, & 
necklace: thrifted, shoes h&m, button: starscream show


  1. You look so mature in that picture to me for some reason. Just an art girl out on the art town. Looking classy.

  2. oo sandwiches! yum!

    you're one busy girl, but it sounds like great fun

  3. thanks for your suggestion tracking down the peice, i'll have to do some research, I'll let you know. You sure have been a busy bee. But much better to be busy with social functions and friends and art than school!
    And AHHHH. Your hair is so cute. It kills me.

  4. i love the picture on the right! i am so happy we had lunch -- cant wait for our date this week. we can go back to Q's if you want!


  5. I just found your blog via Tangerine Umbrellas on an Indigo Day. I'm pleased to find someone else that is interested in art and I love your style. I am following you now.

    Feel free to come visit my blog too

  6. I love your skirt! You look absolutely adorable!