30 April 2010

cute style

currently reading: minor robberies [deb olin unferth]
currently listening to: kate nash [my best friend is you]

So much has happened in the last eleven days! I can't believe that eleven days have gone
by! And with each passing day we come one day closer to graduation, which is terrifying
and exciting at the same time. Here's a bit of a sum up list of all the fantastic things that
have been happening as of late:

+Portobello Thursdays
+BBQing on Ben & Evan's porch
+Acing my Philosophy of Feminism quiz.
+Receiving a Titanic puzzle in the mail.
+Kate Nash's new CD.
+Kathy, Zac, & Abbie's art opening.
+Angels and Airwaves with Ben, Clay, & Val.
+Family time in Chicago.
+The Hyde Park Jazz Society.
+Urban Belly for ramen with Clay.
+Eating at Q's Cafe a lot!
+Fantastic weather.

Ben Scott & I are also working on started a Knox College Fashion zine titled Youth Style
& I'm including some of the pictures from our first shoot done on his lovely porch. We're
pretty pumped about getting this thing printed, it's gonna be tight.

Basically this past week & a half has been really lovely. There are your average bumps in
the road, but with nice weather and fun friends, it's getting harder and harder to whine
about things these days. I'm still busy as ever, but this next month is something to remember.

BBQ on Ben & Evan's porch

ben scott, youth style
katie hart, youth style
sandy caribou: youth style
blouse & belt: thrifted, skirt & cardigan: american 
apparel, tights: zara, sandals: target


  1. i think deb olin unferth teaches at ku

  2. Maybe it's a good thing I don't go to knox. I'm not fashionable enough to make you look good.

  3. it made me SO happy clay was here to celebrate flunk day with you!

    ps. date soon?

  4. can i be in your fashion zine collection?