05 April 2010

it's my birthday week!

currently listening to: kate nash [made of bricks, in honor of lexie]
currently watching: new moon [i'm just seeing what all the hype is about, taylor lautner, get a shirt!]

Happy Monday lovely blogosphere! It is officially my birthday week, well sort of.
My birthday is on Sunday and I think of the week leading up to my birthday as Birthday
 Week, because one day is clearly not enough for me. It's hard to believe that I'm turning
 22, but I'll take it. Things here have their ebb & flow, and it's been a tough couple of days
 emotionally, but I'm working through it, and hey, who said everything should be easy &
 perfect? Today I had a thesis feedback meeting with my professor, and it looks like my
thesis just needs one more nip/tuck before I can move on to the speech-writing process &
 powerpointing! Additionally, I'm starting to compile my list of Graduate School Programs
 with dual degrees in Art History and Curatorial Studies, and right now it looks like I'm loving
 The Art Institute of Chicago & NYU, but there are so many great schools to consider!!! I'm
 also working on putting together a mini-crafting-concert event with Making Things [craft club],
 so I'll keep you all posted on that.

The weather has been mild and pleasant, meaning I can bust out dresses and sandals! And I
 don't have to have a jacket all the time! I took these pictures outside of the Old Jail where my
 professor's office is. I love the red brick with the blue green painted wood.

 I bought this dress for my high school graduation, and because of it's original purpose, I seldom
wear it. I don't know if it's psychological, but whenever I buy something for a specific event or
a special occasion, it gets painted in a different light and takes on a sort of magical persona, which
means I have tons of amazing things in my closet that I only wear once in a blue moon. I'm trying
to break this cycle, so here goes!

Also, I'd like you to note that I am wearing my "Heart of The Ocean" necklace, one of my pride
& joy garage sale steals!! In case you didn't already know this weird detail about me, I am an
absolute Titanic buff! And with the anniversary of the ships voyage/sinking just around the corner
I thought this necklace perfectly appropriate!! 50 cents well spent!

dress: urban outfitters, white denim: levi's, sandals: target, earrings: thrifted, 
heart of the ocean necklace[!!!!]: garage sale [galesburg], 
sunglasses: flea market [fiesoli]


  1. I love the pockets on that dress

    someone always screams when Taylor takes his shirt off in new moon. pathetically, I enjoy that movie. it is total girlish fantasy/anti feminist, but gets at my romantic side. and the WA setting (even if shot in OR) is so beautiful I get sucked it.

    happy birthday week! congrats on the thesis, my friend is still battling hers haha

    ooo thanks for your comment, I LOVE Jonathan Safran Foer!

  2. i cannot wait for bday celebrating!!

    also you should talk to kathryn about grad schools some more because she is having major melt down issues every so often about the application process.

    also as soon as jacob leaves you know i am going to be a mess so we need to get together soon.

  3. 1. i wishes i were invited for your birthday party.

    2. Life is never easy&perfect. If so, either people try to pursue such life or people like day-dream...a lot

    3. Went to Chicago and saw my best friend from China who studies fashion. I hope you like the collection of Alexander Wang's--thats what she said

  4. Looking good painters pants babe!

  5. i haven't had a meltdown in over a month i'll have you know! i feel that i must defend myself...

    also i love the heart of the ocean necklace! a semester or two ago there was an awesome house party/show here that was titanic themed. it was so much fun.

  6. Hy Sandy, I'm Ramona, thanks for stopping by my blog! U have a cute dress, I love your hair-cut!

  7. Happy birthday! When I turned 21 last September, I was so sad to leave 20 behind, but 21 has turned out to be even better.

    Also, I adore your necklace!

  8. lovely pics
    your blog is great!

  9. happy birthday week! fab blog x

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  10. You are so cute! ANd your hair is tempting me to chop mine all off (again) I know what you are talking about with occasion dresses, though I never realized it fully till you pointed it out. Happy early birthday! And thanks for the tips for NYC I'm going to Brooklyn tomorrow and hopefully I'll get to check out some of the shops you mentioned.
    ps. a kind of random question but I figured you're an art person so you might know: Way back years ago I went to MoMA and saw this amazing installation piece made up of starched white button down shirts with everything but the seams cut out. I know it's kind of a stretch but do you have any idea what this is or who the artist is?

  11. i hope you had a wonderful birthday week!

    as for a hot brown, it's basically an open face turkey sandwich. fundamentally, it has bacon and tomatoes on it, with a mornay sauce over it, and then it's usually put under the broil for a while to brown it up or whatnot. it is so unhealthy, but magically delicious.