04 April 2010

knox college: home of the prairie fire

currently listening to: sufjan stevens [come on feel the illinoise, "the prairie fire that wanders about"]
currently reading: love medicine [louise erdich]

so for those of you unfamiliar with my school, knox college, you must be unaware that our mascot
is the prairie fire. we used to be the old siwash, a native american tribe, but in light of being politically
correct, we've opted for a nice happy medium of local flavor and whimsy: the prairie fire. we have
as one of our several amazing traditions the annual prairie fire burn at green oaks, which is our 
environmental field research station about 25 miles from campus. basically, my school rocks. 

the burn is controlled, and started/finished by environmental majors who organize and run the burn
to simulate the fire that usually sweeps the prairie yearly, giving it a controlled yet natural lifespan.
it's hot, it smells delicious, and there was lots of chili to be eaten. here are some of my photographs!

this is what the typical landscape outside of the galesburg city limits looks like. lots & lots of farmland.

let the wild rumpus begin!

the burn wrapped around the curving corner


oh, and it was kathy olsen's birthday.

kathy and i at the prairie burn '08.

a sculpture by tony gant after the burn. lovely.

the apex of the burn, and the aftermath.

wandering in the soot

kathy and bryce

spine and jaw reunited.

jacked: children's place [thrifted], pull over: american apparel, teeshirt: hanes [target], 
pants: f21, shoes: converse [strange cargo chicago], bandana: [army navy surplus chicago], 
faux longchamp: chatuchak market [bangkok], sunglasses: flea market [fiesoli]


  1. this is actually a really fascinating tradition, looks like fun

  2. Yet another reason your school is better than mine.
    I'm a "Pioneer"...

  3. This is such a great tradition.
    & I'm taking Math in the Gaming Industry for May term. We're learning all about casinos and gambling and statistics, and Las Vegas, and then towards the end of May we're spending a week in Vegas! I'm so excited.
    I'll definitely let you know how the drag show is. :)