14 May 2010

i graduate in 22 days.

So can you honestly blame me for not being on here more regularly? I've been running
around campus trying frantically to tie up loose ends, while simultaneously trying to
keep my head on straight. Every single person I am close with is going absolutely nuts
and we're all freaking about about what happens next. My only advice is, NEVER
GRADUATE. Well, that's not all true. I'm pretty pumped to receive my degree and more
excited for the great adventure of next year & applying for graduate programs. My
art history symposium is this coming Wednesday, and I need advice on what to wear.
I'm thinking of business cowgirl, since I'm talking about the Western frontier and Warhol,
and I've basically been living in my vintage cowgirl boots.

I'd love some advice, or even a pep talk! WISH ME LUCK.

Here are some pictures!

1) Kathy's Olsen's sculptures, 2) Kathy Olsen & Zac Bahr with their work, 3) Friends jumping on the steaming Gizmo Patio, 4) Lunch at Urban Belly Chicago (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) 5)Midwest Sunrise on Flunk Day morning, 6)Clay at Q's Cafe, Galesburg

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  1. congrats!!! exciting, but yes I realize everyone is freaking the hell out too. A lot of my friends are seniors and prone to frequent spazz attacks. My friend Ginny's friend locked herself in a closet to cope with the stress? wtf? haha. I'm sure you'll all be fine, just don't give into the hype