15 July 2010

my month in photos

1. View from my porch after a storm 
2. Interns at lunch in Millenium Park 
3. Dancing on a float at The Gay Pride Parade 
4. A view of a crowded intersection from the Pride float 
5. Interns in front of Struth's Art Institute of Chicago 
6. Interns in front of Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #1111 
7. Mari and Rainbow Cone at Taste of Chicago 
8. A view from a friend's porch on the 4th of July 
9. Black Bear Combo at Star Lounge on the 4th of July 
10. Me in Millenium Park in my new red cowl neck dress from the AA rummage sale 
11. Clay at Millenium Park 
12. Caribou's free show at Millenium Park

The interns at AIC have also been keeping a blog and a Twitter if you want to hear all about my job check them out!


  1. this makes me miss you a million billion! have a blast at pitchfork this weekend!

  2. i love these! sandy, you're awesome. and your tweets always make me smile. keep it up, yo!