30 August 2010

if you're going to san francisco

Currently reading: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
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So my internship wrapped up quite nicely, and with my first few weeks of free-time since
the dream job ending, I've been keeping myself unbelievably busy! The day after my last
day at work, I jetsetted  to SoCal for my grandpa's 80th bday, my aunt's 50th bday, and my 
cousin's 23rd bday. It was birthday overload, in the best way possible (kind of like how
kathy's birthday is the week before mine and adolfo's is the week after).

I also had the opportunity to make two really great day trips during my California Adventura,
stopping off in LA at the American Apparel Factory and Warehouse Store - which was weird
and awesome, as well as San Francisco to see Abby in her new hood, and dropping by
Chez Panisse for an incredibly gourmet lunch.

Here are some photographs from my visit to SanFran.

Abby and I got coffee, then rode the bus to the Golden Gate Bridge
Kensie Jeans and Tom's Shoes: Hansen's [Encinitas, CA], Tank Top, Tri-Blend Raglan, 
Hoodie: American Apparel [rummage sale, Factory Store, LA], Scarf: Gift [bbbenjamin]

A view of the Bridge 
After splitting up with Abby, I stopped by SFMOMA for a whirlwind hourlong self-guided tour, and stumbled upon remnants of this Matthew Barney performance piece titled Drawing Restraint. SO COOL. I really really really wanna work here. Seriously.

Then I took the BART to Berkeley to meet the family for lunch at Chez Panisse - a beautiful restaurant/cafe that prides itself on cuisine prepared from fresh local produce, situated in the stylized Prairie Style architecture reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright. 

I started off with their signature Green Goddess Salad on a bed of butter lettuces with ripe
sun gold tomatoes, and a glass of red wine - before I ascended to heaven with my main course
of roasted duck on a bed of kale and beans. Juicy, light, crispy, perfect.

Mom and Michelle enjoying their entrees.
For dessert, we ordered one of everything, just to try it all.
Fresh Local Plums, A Peach Tart and Raspberry Sorbet
Creme Anglaise with Fresh Berries, A Mix of Fresh Sorbets and Peaches

Bon Appetite!


  1. yum!! that duck looks heavenly

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pictures are lovely but the food looks GREAT!!!! I am hungry now....lol