14 October 2010

Contemporary Cleopatra

Currently Reading: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron Foer

This dress is one of my weekend finds! It was hanging at the front of a "contemporary vintage" rack in Lenny & Me located in Wicker Park, with the label Adorable Cleopatra Dress and a marked down price tag, and after trying it on only to discover that it had pockets - I just couldn't resist! I love the holly hobby feel of this simple piece, the Egyptian inspired collar being completely composed of gold ribbon that can be found in any local craft store, and the back tying with a simple set of gold tassels. I thought of going all black with black loafers or boots, but lately I have been rocking these boots because they match the Turquoise and Caicos nail polish I have on my hands. 

Cleopatra Dress: Lenny & Me: Cardigan: J.Crew Outlet; Tights: Target;
Boots: Boutique in Florence, Italy; Rings: SFMOMA 

I love the retro yet chic feel to this dress & feel myself inspired by some of my icons Elizabeth Taylor and Edie Sedgwick. Plus, it's an unusual piece that I can dress up for work, but also wear as a casual knocking around town go-to look.

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra/ Edie Sedgwick

All in all, I think this dress is a winner.


  1. Um, I kind of LOVE this. And by kind of I mean totally. Such a fantastic dress.

  2. green boots?! MINT green boots?! amazing!!! :D

  3. you are right the dress is fantactic but is also very important to point how much better it looks with these boots!

  4. the dress is a total winner, but I love those boots!