02 October 2010

The Social Network

Currently Listening To: People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People In the World by Andrew Jackson Jihad
Currently Reading: Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

So work has been going well. This past week had moments when I didn't really feel all that busy, but Friday was nuts. A group of the interns from this summer came and joined me for lunch at The Garden Cafe at AIC, and Mary H. started her first official day in the office with Development!! It's so nice to know that there's someone I know right downstairs from me once a week! Plus, this weekly institution of get-togethers has been something to look forward to! I also had to put together this shipment of gifts that are being UPSed to London over the weekend, and it was quite a process. Customs forms are confusing! And brown packing tape is really weird and cool. And rolling a heavy dolly full of books through the office is so ridiculous!

I'm still looking for something more permanent, but as of right now I'm pretty content with AIC. It's a really interesting place to work regardless of the department - and everyone I've met has been really cool, welcoming, and funny. I actually think I understand what water-cooler-banter is all about now. The Donor Initiatives water cooler is really popular.

Okay enough about work. The weather has been warm/cool/warm/cool/HOT/cool so dressing is always an adventure. I realized that I've been banishing color from my wardrobe, so to institute a pop of color here and there, I've been opting to accessorize with bright scarves and brightly colored hand bags. 

Clay is in town this weekend, so I should hopefully have some nice pictures other than what I'm wearing. Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Oh, and go see "The Social Network". It was really interesting and funny!
Jacket: Thrifted [The Children's Place shhhh!]; Blouse: Gift [Old Navy];
Dress: A Random Store in WV; Leggings: Target,
Scarf: Thrifted; Key Necklace: Gift from Mom [Tiffany& Co.]; Flats: Cottonon [HK]


  1. I love key necklaces!

    Glad you're enjoying your job, I think you're in the right place right now for a post-grad!

  2. i REALLY want to see that movie!!!

  3. Yeah, hasn't the weather been ridiculously weird?? I just can't get over it, or figure out what to wear.

    Also, I'm just so obsessed with this outfit. I love that dress, and it's so cute with the denim jacket and scarf!!