27 October 2010

Top 6 Picks: October

I can't believe an entire month has flown by since my first Top 6 Picks post, but I have been keeping myself busy figuring out what it is exactly that I have been trending towards. Here are some things that I really really love right now.
1) Turquoise and Caicos by Essie Nail Color. Last year I was really into this fantastic sky blue nail color by OPI, and I rarely stray from that shade. But with fall here, I thought it'd be nice for a bit of a change. I've found that I've been leaning towards this really pretty seafoam/light turquoise color for a while, and it totally matched my favorite pair of boots. There's something really special about matching one's nail polish to one's shoes, don't you think?

2) Set of two Moleskine Pocket Notebooks in Blue. I love blue &I love Moleskine. I've been writing in books by this brand since senior year of high school, and what I love the most about this new set of notebooks is the size. Small enough to pop into my purse, but bright enough that I can't leave the house without it. Great for grocery lists, addresses, phone numbers, directions, and quick moments of genius. 
3) Japanese Sesame Cookie Crackers by Cisco's. Jennifer has been bringing these into work lately and they sit on my desk, which inevitably leads me to eating all of them. Light, crispy, crunchy, delicious. But they're also kind of hard to find. Looks like I have a trip to Chinatown scheduled in my near future!

4) Urban Belly Chicago. I am in love with this restaurant. I ate here two years ago when I was visiting from school with a horrible cold, and nothing made me feel better than eating a bowl of ramen at Urban Belly. I've eaten here three times in the month of October, and I don't think I plan on stopping anytime soon. Try the wrinkle beans, eggplant, any of the dumplings, and the house ramen. I could slurp and slurp and slurp to my heart's content.
5) McClure's Pickles. I saw these pickles featured on the Food Network show The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and was totally skeptical of a seasoned food critic saying that a jar of pickles was the best thing he ever ate. BUT, I learned on that episode that you can continue to put cucumbers and garlic into the pickle juice and make more pickles right in your fridge. After trying this trick of DIY pickling, I figured this guy must know what he's talking about, and opted to buy a jar of these at Whole Foods. THEY ARE AMAZING. And, once I finish my pickles, I plan on making more pickles. The pickle company is family owned, it's a secret recipe, and I love them. 

6) You + Me Necklace on Elephantine's Etsy. I was initially drawn to these necklaces for their name as it reminded me of Me You and Everyone We Know, but then realized that they were just gorgeous. I saw these featured on Elephantine's blog, and after realizing I could pick my own color of seed beads and get a necklace made for my sister's birthday, I was sold.  My beads are a great seafoam color, and yes, they match my nails. If you're looking for a great gift, or a lovely piece of jewelry, check out her shop!


  1. i loved your you + me necklace; i kept meaning to tell you that this weekend!

  2. ooohh i LOVE pickles. i will have to look for those at whole foods soon. and homemade pickles are a definite win+yum

  3. Love 'em all. I'm totally going to go to Urban Belly now!