18 November 2010

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Currently Listening to: A mix CD for Carly!

This week has been all sorts of busy running around the city, cleaning my room, finishing my scarf [!!], getting my hair cut, and starting a new book! It's hard to keep track of all of the random stuff I'm up to these days, but my googlecal is perpetually booked with work, dates, gallery hopping, and eating delicious food all over the city. Oh, and running into celebrities. Barbara Streisand was at the museum last week, snuck a peek at Michael Shannon from Revolutionary Road on Monday, and almost walked smack dab into Ed Begley Jr. of Arrested Development/ Christopher Guest fame. 

Anyways, this outfit post is a testament to the fact that being business casual can also be comfy/cozers. I found this dress for $10 in the sale rack at F21, and it's so simple and easy to wear that I kind of feel like I'm wearing a big tee-shirt. Dressed it up with these brogues, and this fantastic novelty sweater that I simply couldn't leave on the sale rack, threw on my cowl neck (that I'm currently living in), and voila! I have the comfiest and cutest outfit ever.

SECRET NOTE: I recently splurged and bought a bottle of Jo Malone Orange Blossom perfume, and to keep this delicious smell near my nose all day, I spray a bit into my cowl neck and keep the good scents coming all day. I am such a weirdo.

Dress: F21; Tights: Zara; Cardigan: Anthropologie; Brogues: Lenny & Me [Chicago];
Cowl Neck Scarf: HANDMADE BY ME!


  1. oh.yes. you know how much i love this!!!! SO comfy...and that sweater = major jealousy!!!

    ed begly jr?!?!? AH! so awesome!

  2. I wanted that cardigan so badly, but my mom thought it was too weird haha and I couldn't justify spending my own money on it ugg

  3. Dear god I love that cardigan. It might be magical.

  4. I'll agree with everyone about your cardigan- jealous! But where did you get your glasses? They are great.