09 November 2010

my morning commute

I am extremely fortunate to be a mile and a half from where I work, and I have been loving my daily walks to and from the museum. The colors have been outstanding, and the light before daylight savings time was really spectacular. I snapped these about a month ago, and I'm happy I did. It's getting chilly, dark, and the color is quickly fading. 

This is the view that makes my heart flutter with excitement. And makes me think, "I can't believe I work here".


  1. I can't believe you work there either! It's amazing!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Ohhh I so wish to visit Chi-town one day. Sounds like such a great city. I've never heard about those legs-statues before... definitely going to check them out, one day when I get there!

    +2 on the "can't believe you work there".