28 November 2010

"something picasso"

In an ode to over indulgences that exist in tandem with the great holiday of Thanksgiving, I must say that this outfit was solely inspired by a line from my favorite movie of all time - Titanic. Yes, I bought it on VHS the day it came out, yes I have the widescreen and regular edition as well as a dvd copy, yes I have a 3 foot poster, the teeshirt, the soundtrack, and yes, every time it is on TNT/TBS/Oxygen I have to drop what I'm doing and watch it. This past Friday it was playing on Oxygen, and after watching it 1.5 times in one night - I couldn't help but feel the movie really seeping in to my day to day life. There is a moment in the first half of the film when Rose is unpacking the artwork she has purchased on her stay in Europe, among them several Monet water lily paintings, some Degas ballerinas, and a copy of Les Demoiselle's D'Avignon by "something Picasso" - whom Cal thinks will amount to nothing. Don't worry, none of these works went down with the ship - and my love of Picasso / nerding out of art historical moments in contemporary films was well preserved.

Picasso Top & High Shorts: F21; Cardigan: AA; Tights; Thrifted, Booties: SantokiVintage Etsy; Necklace & Earrings: Found; My Melody Watch: McDonald's Happy Meal!!

I really like how this look came together, it's playful, funny, and so easy to wear. It's interesting how a goofy poppy accessory like the SanRio watch can add just the right amount of color and goofiness to any outfit!


  1. your watch rocks

    whenever I watch Titanic I inevitably yell at the screen

  2. man I watched titanic at the cinema 4 times

  3. that hello kitty watch makes this outfit totally sandy.