22 December 2010

Happy Christmas (Ugly Sweater Party)!!!

ON ME: Tights: H&M; Knee Highs: Nordstrom Rack; Pillowcase Dress: AA; Ugly Sweater: Chicago Free Store in Pilsen
Well well well, it looks as though I survived my first ever Ugly Sweater/ Wine Tasting holiday party! There were 13 wines to be tasted, and it just goes to show that being "fashionably late" isn't a thing - given that we didn't even make it to my hour-and-a-half late bottles of wine! 11 bottles of red wine, discreetly covering up Amy Winemouth with bright magenta lipstick, lots of wonderful sweaters, hugging, and very important small talk. I had a total blast at this party, and would be up for plenty more well organized and themed parties in the near future.



  1. FANTASTIC JUMPERS. Just what Christmas is all about. Found myself at a baileys drinking, mince pie eating soiree myself today and Christmas jumpers were mandatory! Just how it should be.