04 December 2010

Kitchen Crush

In the last year I've found a lot of really fantastic blogs - and I've lately been really into ones dealing with interior design and decor. Yvestown Blog is currently one of my favorites - and her post today about her kitchen remodel is absolutely amazing. The colors, layout, light, and objects in this kitchen all work so well together. I find her home and the hard work she put in to getting it to look this way absolutely inspiring, and I think I'm going to bring her energy, light, and color into a bedroom remodel of my own.

Here are some photographs from her post:


  1. i love how light and clean everything is! beautiful!

  2. Such a great kitchen ....it looks like a cupcake with white and pastel blue :D:D:D:D

    Besides the cook machine (robot de concina to me) is great I am saving money to get one....before I need to get a not shared kitchen!!!!