06 December 2010





After my last post, I've been evaluating what it is I want to do with my bedroom. When I graduated in June, I was under the impression that moving back home would be a summer long/ temporary thing. I never really finished unpacking, since part of me assumed I'd be moving out - maybe to Kentucky or maybe just another part of Chicago. With some difficult changes at home, and my job conveniently close to my parents' place, it makes sense for me to continue living in the South Loop. 

Which leaves me with this conclusion: it is time for me to commit to my living space. When we moved in three years ago, I didn't quite accept that I was leaving my childhood  home behind. I was allotted one of the best rooms in the house, but I never considered painting it, or hanging art on the walls because I'm never home. But now this is my home. And I want to make it feel loved as well as lived in. Which means the walls are getting some color, the closet is getting completely cleaned out, my art is getting hung, my bed is getting a new set of sheets, and I am going to really make this space my own.

I'm leaning towards a light color palette, with colors like ice blue/pale pink/ and sea foam green all on the front of mind. I need to get rid of my clutter, get some more shelves, and remove the awful light fixtures that came with the room (seashell motif with gold - no thank you!). 

So that's my spiel. Time for a new year, a new approach to my environment. Wish me luck!


  1. love the first bed spread!

    I think committing to an environment and finally decorating it is what makes it feel like home, so I'm excited to see your new room!

  2. i love your decor ideas! the colors ... your art ... i am excited to see the results of your room makeover!

  3. the first bed set with the cloud sheets is awesome & very fitting for your crow's nest room