03 December 2010

Top 6 Picks: November

1) Skins Vol. 1 & Vol. 2: As a lover of teenage soaps including The Wonder Years, The O.C., Gossip Girl, and Degrassi The Next Generation - it should come as no surprise that I would become instantly addicted to the crazy BBC version of my guiltiest of pleasures. These kids are weird, and because they live in the UK, their problems and conflicts are weird too (ie different than the ones I'm used to relating to). I also like that because it's BBC material there is nudity and swearing. Eat your heart out Seth Cohen.

2) Beatle Boots from Santoki Vintage: I recently found these amazing ankle boots on etsy, and I am basically obsessed with them. So far they look amazing with skinny jeans, tights & shorts, mini skirts, and dresses. Oh and they look awesome with my winter coat. If you like vintage leather, check out this etsy shop immediately!

3) Bacon popcorn from Revolution Brewery: I repeat - bacon popcorn. Kernels popped in bacon fat, topped with crumbled bacon, parmesan, and fried sage leaves. I'm not sure what culinary genius came up with this one but marrying my two loves (bacon and popcorn) is seriously a match made in heaven. Snack on this while throwing back some of their in house brews, and taking in the hip atmosphere of a bar that actually serves really good food. Did I mention that I ate pork belly AFTER an entire bowl of this stuff??

4) Carmex and Rosebud Salve (tied): With the air dry and cold and my daily walks to work just a little bit rough for my liking, I've been rotating between my two classic lip loving standbys - good 'ol Rosebud and Carmex. I like the girly soft glisten and scent I get from RBS and the rough n' tough cooling sensation I feel from Carmex, the contrast keeps things interesting and my lips happy! Plus, I love the design of these two containers. It's like they haven't had a product redesign in 30+ years! And RBS now comes in a tube for all you RBS lovers!

5) Hairstyles of the Damned by Joe Meno: I'm not a very preachy "this is my favorite book READ IT" kinda girl, but I read this book by local Chicago writer, Joe Meno, my junior year of high school and have subsequently read it every year since. I typically read it every fall since the first half of the book takes place during the fall - the time just works. South side Chicago in the early 90's, punk rock, high school romances, and being the weird the kid in a Catholic school - if you understand or like any/all of these things, then this book is for you. Small chapters read like short stories, interspersed with photocopies of mixtapes and directions for dying your hair bright pink. The narrator is convincing, real, pathetic, and kind of a hotty in his own way. I LOVE THIS BOOK. 

6) MY MOM: My final Top 6 Pick for November is my mom! Her birthday is in the month of November, and I feel it's time she get's some attention for it! She is basically the most amazing woman I have ever met, and I'm so lucky to have her in my life. Whether it's teaching me how to cook, sewing my prom dress, moving me in and out of school 4 years in a row up countless flights of stairs, or going out of her way to get me my favorite cabbage soup - this woman knows how to take care of a family and really make her children feel loved. I know we've been having a weird couple of months mom, but I want you to know that I love you and we are going to be okay. You are strong, and we will get through this! I LOVE YOU! (thanks for the fantastic photograph Adolfo!).

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  1. GREAT list! I'm way on board with Beatle boots, Revolution, Rosebud lip balm, and, of course, moms. :)