27 December 2011

holiday cheer

dress: j.crew / belt: thrifted / bracelet: tiffany & co. / headband: diy /necklace: gift / boots: eska

This is what I wore to a Chanukah dinner before heading to the airport to pick up Spencer. I made the floral headband myself, with a bit of hot glue and fake flowers - naturally while watching Julie and Julia in front of my tiny tv. The headband was inspired entirely by the Style Rookie. This girl has more style in her pinky nail than I do in my entire 23-year-old self!

In other news, Spencer and I are having a blast thus far, just running around the city, eating delicious food, and sleeping in. Hope you all had a lovely holiday, I know I'm enjoying myself! And NYE is so close! I can't wait to bust out my sequin dress!

25 December 2011

merry christmas!

SPENCERSANDY.jpg_effected MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Spencer is moving to Chicago today!! I am beyond excited!! He arrives tonight, and I am completely ready. This has got to be the best present anyone has ever given me. THANKS SPENCER, YOU ROCK.

17 December 2011

Warhol at the Frist

Back in August I made a weekend getaway to visit a girlfriend outside of Nashville, Tennessee. After an early morning flight, we stopped for pancakes and coffee, before swinging by the Frist for their exhibition Warhol Live: Music & Dance In Andy Warhol's Work.

I really enjoyed this show because it was completely accessible. You need not know a thing about Warhol, Pop Art, or music and dance to be able to move fluidly and confidently through the galleries. The show was approachable and open - with gallery spaces bleeding into one another through the use of music playing intermittently. Films were projected on walls, couches appear for lounging, a silver clouds room was created to stage a screening of a Merce Cunningham performance, and a space was designated to recreate an Exploding Plastic Inevitable show (ie Factory era early Velvet Underground performances).

I had a lot of fun, and was happy to have a chance to play in the Silver Clouds and excited to view a clip from Horse (1965), a film I went to the Warhol Museum to view for my thesis. I even managed to sneak a picture with the clouds!!
   warholfristsilver clouds

16 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Schlepped this bad boy of a tree into the Holiday Inn, and spent last night decking it out while listening to Christmas tunes. It's official, our apartment is the coziest, cutest, and most festive place in Chicago!

15 December 2011

The Holiday Inn

Last weekend consisted of baking, cooking, cleaning, and moving things around in the apartment, which we are now fondly referring to as The Holiday Inn. We just found out our storage locker assignment, and I schleped in my very first Christmas tree! Decorating is happening tonight, as well as some tidying up. It's definitely starting to feel like a cozy apartment. And though it's a bit drafty at times, I can't help but get that warm fuzzy feeling seeing the space filled with light on a Saturday afternoon.
  big breakfast kitchen

10 December 2011

Andy Warhol's "Empire" in instagram

Last night was pretty magical for art lovers and Warhol fans such as myself. The Art Institute of Chicago projected Andy Warhol's 8-hour film Empire from the Bluhm Family Terrace across the park onto the Aon Center. It took nearly forty-five minutes before anything was really visible, and even so, the image was subtle. Had I not known what to look for, I might have missed it. Though it was cold out on the Terrace, there was something so special about seeing the work of Warhol projected onto our beautiful skyline. I'm sure he would have loved it. empire2 empire3 empire1

07 December 2011

Andy Warhol's "Empire" at The Art Institute of Chicago

This Friday night, the Art Institute of Chicago will be screening Andy Warhol's experimental film Empire in a most unsual manner. In celebration of the new exhibition Lightyears: Conceptual Art and the Photograph, 1964-1977 the museum will be projecting the 8-hour film from the Bluhm Family Terrace across Millennium Park onto the facade of the Aon Center. That's right, a film about a building is going to be projected onto a building.

If you're downtown between 6 PM on Friday and 2 AM on Saturday, come sneak a peek at one of Warhol's most controversial and amazing films.

PS, the film almost never screens in its entirety, so this is a rare and exciting chance to check it out!

For more information, visit the Art Institute calendar of events.

06 December 2011

cosmetics wishlist!

All products I love to use and wear! Any of these are welcome gifts for Chrismukkah! ;)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

04 December 2011

movie wishlist

A lot of really great movies have come out in the last year! These are just a few of my favorites! I think they would be wonderful additions to my budding film collection, don't you?

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

03 December 2011

on screen couples: andy and april

I love a lot of on screen couples, and one of my current favorites is Andy and April from Parks and Recreation. I genuinely enjoy how carefree and unorganized they are - the sheer sloppiness and spontaneity wouldn't exactly work for me, but is totally romantic in a way. I especially loved the dating game episode when Andy keeps guessing wrong and gets jealous of Neutral Milk Hotel because they're April's favorite band.

Do you have a favorite on screen couple??

02 December 2011

Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

LA for Thanksgiving was a really special treat. I met Spencer's entire family which was both overwhelming and exciting. They were such a welcoming and colorful bunch of people - a room full of characters, which is exactly what I like in a group. Naturally, I agonized over what to wear to such a momentous occasion, but opted for something light, breezy, comfortable, and neutral, as well as stretchy, because this was Thanksgiving we're talking about. I ended up wearing this skirt that night, and loved it so much that I wore it at least once a day for the remainder of my visit. 

All in all, we had another amazing visit. We both have so much to be thankful for this year, and we really enjoyed each others' company. We watched movies, went out on a really nice date to Lucques, ordered in Chinese food, and I taught him how to bake bread! I'm looking forward to seeing him around Christmas, but what should I wear, and what should we do to acclimate him to harsh Chicago winters? All suggestions are welcome!

thanksgiving dinner 2k11 skirt, shirt, cardigan: american apparel/ shoes: h&m / marc by marc jacobs handbag: blondebeadhead

01 December 2011

bookworm wishlist

With the holiday season in full swing, I've been making mental notes of the various things on my wishlist. A lot of great books have come out recently that I would love to own, but here are a few that have caught my eye. Notice, almost all of them are by female authors!!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

24 November 2011


In honor of Turkey Day, Spencer and I picked a special GIF just for you! From the depths of the ever infinite Internet, we found this little gem. It's both weird and stunning, like a car accident - you just can't stop looking. ANYWAYS, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

21 November 2011

Spencer's GIFS



For many of you, wearing underwear on top of your jean shorts has remained a delightful memory, much like other lighthearted musings such as: singing "Born in the USA" while pretending the comb you're holding is a microphone, or reading your little sister's diary, or throwing that naked fat kid off the sofa and dancing around his seemingly life-less body. "Wait WHAT!? NOT COOL!"


In the interest of insensitivity I will leave you with these remarks

"Okay 'Party All The Time' music video, take one, action! Cut! Cut! That fat kid is still in the shot."

"I told you it was opposites day, Billy! You make me do this!"

"Thanks for the hand girls but I'm gonna sit this one out."


"Okay tell me when it explodes so I can collapse to the ground"

I was a little hesitant at first to post this one on account of the fact that this probably hurt like hell, but also because after that sucker explodes I'm not sure what I'm looking at anymore. Ass or pants? Or both? Ass-pants!

Soon I realized this GIF is a great teaching tool. Truly, one man's stupidity is another man's education (and/or garbage), not to mention the fact that he's wearing a Hawaiian shirt AND getting blown a new asshole, which may shed light on how this experiment was concieved.

TED: You know, Denmark has extraordinary fauna and flora as well as thousands of acres of lush country-side.

RANDY: Yeah, not to mention it's high standard of living and diverse cultural atmosphere.

TED: Wanna watch my ass explode?

mug friends

I spent the night at a new friend's house this past Saturday, and woke up to discover that our parents have the same set of china that they both received as gifts for their 1980's weddings. And as if that wasn't enough to laugh about, I happened upon a mug with a plant growing in it - which is eerily similar to the plant mugs I have in my bedroom.

Obviously, this is the beginning of a very special friendship. When you have stuff like this in common, you just can't ignore it.

20 November 2011

Spencer's GIFs

I have a really exciting announcement!!

My boyfriend Spencer is going to be contributing over here at Edie and Andy!! Our shared love of GIFs led us to dream up this brainchild, and after a little discussion, we decided what the hell, let's have a section of my blog devoted to the analysis and commiseration of the GIFs we love. So without further ado, I give you the first post of Spencer's GIFs.


For his first post, Spencer is going to be analyzing the iconic and unforgettable moment when Tom Cruise literally loses it on Oprah's stage, inappropriately hopping around her couch, talking about Katie Holmes, and violently shaking Oprah. Spencer begs the question, is it just a ruse, or is this dude for real?

EXHIBIT A) The video footage


Is Tom Cruise so in love with Katie Holmes that he feels it necessary to electrocute Oprah? And why are both of them smiling? Why is Cruise wearing all black? Okay Tom, you're in love, but wouldn't a simple hug suffice for shaking someone violently? We all know this stunt is more indicative of Tom's mission to appear heterosexual than anything else. But is there more? Probably not.

17 November 2011

Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life / Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque)

In October I had the opportunity to attend a sneak preview of the film Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque) / Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life at The Music Box Theater. The film was a whimsical interpretation of the biography depicting the life of the artist and musician, Serge Gainsbourg. Written and directed by the graphic novelist Joann Sfar, the feature film reads much like a contemporary graphic novel, combining elements of fantasy and non-reality with the harsh truths of history that intertwine with Gainsbourg's biography and larger-than-life rock star persona.

Let me begin with a statement of both fact and opinion regarding tastes:
If you like French films, you will like this.
If you like films set in the 1960's, you will like this.
If you like French films from the 1960's, you probably won't like this.

There is something about Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque) that felt incredibly French. Yes, it was made by a French artist/director/filmmaker, and yes, a majority of the movie took place in France. So naturally, it should feel French. But what solidified the française feel wasn't in the set or plot, but in the way things pan out for the people in the story - a sort of effortlessness that goes into leading a charmed and fulfilling life. Beginning in Paris in the late 30's, the story shows Gainsburg, then known as Lucien Ginsburg, a young boy dealing with the mingling issues of adolescence, coming of age, struggling to learn to play piano, Nazi occupation, and just plain being a boy. As a means of grappling with his day-to-day dilemmas, Ginsburg uses his imagination to escape the mundane and begins to question his sense self. Creating an alternate personality known only as his "mug", which acts as both his voice of reason and his inner demon.

Gainsbourg's "mug", a whimsical puppet via source
The issue of identity is the driving force of this film as Gainsbourg struggles to understand himself as an artist and musician by the means of reinventing himself. Like the great Cubists working in France at the turn of the 20th century, Gainsburg's persona is fragmented to the core. With pieces of his childhood-self coexisting and intertwining with his contemporary being. In order to assert his identity, Gainsbourg uses the tools of  fashion, music, visual art, and charm as a means of defining himself as a musician and artist - much like Andy Warhol did in the late 50's in New York. With his reinvention, Gainsbourg finds a woman to shape him and stand in as his muse, including iconic beauties like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. And with each reinvention of the self comes a new musical styling, ranging from the structured jazz of elite night clubs, fun French new wave pop, raunchy spoken word epithets of sex, rock, and drugs, to his later islander inspired tunes recorded in Jamaica.

Gainsbourg and Bardot collaborating in a charming musical number via Music Box Theater
What makes this film work is the cohesiveness of the many different versions of Gainsbourg that fill the space of the story. The youngest Ginsbourg played by the delightful Kacey Mottet Klein is both a young man and an old soul wrapped into one. He prophetically smokes cigarettes like the man he is to become, and flirts with woman regardless of age or beauty. The adolescent through aged Gainsbourg skillfully played by Eric Elmosnino carries the film from decade to decade. Elmosnino perfectly evokes the Gainsbourg of each new personal creation, tapping into the charm, wit, and inner-turmoil that the musician carries with him. Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life acknowledges Gainsbourg’s womanizing through depictions of his affairs and marriages, but it depicts him in a humane and honest way, attributing his imperfections to his lack of identity – giving the viewers a better understanding of the man he was, a man of great talent spurred from the great heaviness of becoming and being Gainsbourg.
Eric Elmosnino as Gainsbourg via source

16 November 2011


Hello hello!

I just wanted to share with you readers that I am the newest contributor to make-space, a blog full of art, artists, studio visits, cool art events, and the new host of my film reviews! My review of Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life was published today! Check it out!

15 November 2011


That's right! I will be one of the featured presenters at Stitchy this Sunday! This month's theme is No Sew November, and I will be presenting my ever popular Shirt/Skirt - apparently it was a hit and people want to learn how to do it themselves! Additionally, I will be sharing my Tamagotchi and Bjork Swan Dress Halloween costumes - both made with little-to-no sewing! If you're in Chicago and looking to join the coolest sewing circle around, come on by Roxaboxen Exhibitions!

poster executed by lynnette miranda of make-space

14 November 2011

moving in with instagram

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of Craigslist pick-ups, spontaneous Ikea lunches, unpacking, and getting acquainted with my new digs.

Saturday was a big day, with my bed arriving bright and early - a few minutes before the scheduled pick-up time at 9. I brought McDonald's breakfast for myself as an early morning treat, queued up my Freaks and Geeks DVD anticipating a long wait, and was pleased and surprised by how early my bed arrived!!
mcdonalds bfast
With the arrival of my bed, I was free to move about the cabin - so to speak. I promptly made my bed with my classic sheets from CB2, and began to unpack and organize my closet. The room is indeed tiny, BUT the bed fits perfectly, with a couple of feet to spare for my record player and a little bed side table. bed Yesterday consisted of driving to the Northwest suburbs to pick-up our Craigslist finds. We carted away this adorable yellow table for our dining room, and a set of four vintage baby blue chairs. The chairs remind me of Chairy from Pee Wee's Playhouse - and are in really great condition.

I love picking things up from Craigslist, because you get to peak into other peoples' homes and lives. The woman who sold us the table noticed Maya had naturally curly hair, and disappeared into her house for a few minutes only to return with a book all about the mysteries and challenges of living with and caring for curly hair. It was really funny and adorable of her to be so excited to meet us. The blue chairs came from a man whose father had the set in his office waiting room. The chairs and the table both have a bit of wear to them, but nothing a little elbow grease can't fix. And they are wonderful additions to our new place!
yellow tablemaya chairs and crate chairs with pillows
And of course, it wouldn't be a trip to the Northwest suburbs without a meal at Ikea. I think I have officially eaten my fill of Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry jam. ikea

So that's my general apartment update. I spent the last two nights there and am really loving the space. I made eggs and bacon for breakfast yesterday, and it was awesome. In short, I love the apartment, and am looking forward to sharing it with you!

09 November 2011


My all time favorite episode of This American Life is "Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time", which features a story by Davy Rothbart of FOUND Magazine. In the story, he talks about the shenanigans he gets into while on the road on a book tour, and how found objects have the ability to tell stories both of the owner and the finder. I don't want to spoil the shear comedy of the story, so go ahead and listen to it yourself!! Also, Davy is my #2 TAL crush, because Ira Glass already has my heart in the palm of his hand.

With Found VS Found, Davy Rothbart will be battling it out against found video footage this Friday at The Music Box Theater - and I just bought my tickets. YOU SHOULD TOO!!

"Two of the biggest names in found-object appropriation this side of Duchamp and Damon Packard, FOUND Magazine and the a/v dumpster-divers behind the Found Footage Festival face off to determine whose medium of un-killable ephemera triumphs: videos or notes. Davy Rothbart's Chicago-based magazine has home field advantage and greater name recognition — plus a lot more heart than the steadfastly ironist competition. But this is the city that birthed Everything Is Terrible! and treats FFF co-founders Joe Pickett (The Onion) and Nick Prueher (Letterman) like second citizens. If the battle doesn't sound juicy enough already, consider the tagline: "There will be music, comedy, and blood." - via Flavorwire

07 November 2011

sleep tight

The apartment is coming along nicely. Both Maya and Kathy had the foresight to get beds before our lease was finalized. Supertious and ever-busy me did not want to get a bed until everything was in place, so I've been spending the last week bed hunting. Our rooms are, dare I say, comically small - mine is 85" x 98" - basically a box! But we all know the standard full bed is 72" x 54", which according to geometry can be squeezed into my itty bitty room - and if there's a will, there's a way.

After doing some extensive bed frame research, I opted for the twin/full bed frame from Crate and Barrel. My current bed is a full frame from CB2, and I adore it - though it appears that CB2 no longer sells full beds. Working with a tiny space, I realized that fanciful additions like a headboard or decorative frame simply aren't an option. What's great about this bed is that it's adjustable, and sleak. Also, a  few different decorative headboards from CB can be added on should I want to do that when I'm in a bigger space. Cool right? I'm into it.

Since the frame was really reasonably priced, and my mom offered to pitch in for my mattress, I decided to go all or nothing. These things are a 10-year investment, and I know I am the kind of person who truly values the meaning of being well rested. We popped into our neighborhood Back to Bed, and after laying on a bunch of mattresses, I went for a Simmons Beautyrest with a pillow top.

Not only is this matress incredibly comfy and supportive, it's also the mattress used in the beds at The Wit Hotel. So basically, I plan on getting the kind of sleep that people get when they are on vacation AND staying at a really glamorous hotel.

I'm now taking reservations for visitors, let me know when you plan on stopping by. :)

My frame arrives Wednesday, my bed arrives Saturday - and in the meantime I'm doing some serious closet cleaning and organization to get myself mentally and physically prepared for my move. We made our first major trip to Ikea this past weekend, and did our fair share of stocking up. I am having such a blast with this move! MORE TO COME SOON!

03 November 2011

Los Angeles, I'm Yours

This past weekend, I visited Spencer in LA. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, sunny and in the high 70's all weekend long. We slept, we indulged in peanut butter milkshakes and take out, we saw Starscream at the Troubadour, we watched The Exorcist and East Bound and Down, and mostly spent our time enjoying each others' company. Here are a few snapshots from a perfect weekend. spencer couch spencers bed in the backyard clouds spencer backyard velvet

Books I Read: The Virgin Suicides

My book of the month for October was Jeffrey Eugenides' The Virgin Suicides. I think the reason I chose this book was the perfect storm of things. Last year, I read Middlesex, and literally loved every single page of it. I remember trying to read it in high school, and giving up because it was "too advanced" for me, if you  get my drift. But as a post-grad with both the brain and the balls, I decided to give it another shot, and hot damn do I love Eugenides' writing! His latest book The Marriage Plot has been getting a lot of hype lately, and before I run out to buy my copy, I thought, maybe I should check out The Virgin Suicides first.

First things first, a confession: I saw Sofia Coppola's adaptation years ago, I remember liking it, but not "getting it". I thought it was beautifully filmed, and the the whole thing felt pregnant with poignant imagery and poetry, but I finished the film feeling both empty and expecting more. If this is what Coppola was going for, then kudos. But in response to my curiosity about my feelings toward the film, I decided to try reading the book it was based on.

The book read quickly - almost like a diary, which in a way is completely fitting. The story peeks into the intimate interior spaces of the teenage girl, offering up a dissection of an unimaginably private sphere that so few could know or understand. For me, the devil is in the details. Eugenides offers up images and moments that help to create a reality that comes off the page. He tosses the reader an image, like a bra tossed on the floor in Lux's bedroom. Each girl comes off of the page dancing before the reader unique and vibrant, though part of the sister unit. I found myself wanting to underline whole passages of the book, but restrained myself for it belonged to the library.

While the ending was slightly different from the movie ending, I do think the film adaptation was really spot-on. Whole passages of words beautifully strung together are recited by the voices of the daughters while montages of images from their lives flow together to the sounds of Air. I couldn't help but finish the last pages of the book while listening to the soundtrack letting the music lead me through the time and space of the book.

the apartment

Between running around for final visits, employing my father for legal advice, and sending countless faxes of our lease back and forth, it's official: we got the apartment. We started moving our things in on Tuesday, and will hopefully be sleeping in our rooms within the next week. This weekend will involve trips to Target, Ikea, the Container Store, and grocery shopping. We're hoping to furnish our place with a happy mix of new and old furniture.

Saturday will be spent scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, and wiping every nook and cranny of the place. I'm planning on baking brownies to get the place smelling homey. Mexican prayer candles and smudge sticks will be burning to get the vibes feeling good and happy. 

More posts as the moving and decorating process comes along. I AM SO VERY EXCITED.