29 January 2011

Chicago Foodie Adventure Part I: Paulina Meat Market

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Yesterday I had a minor dental surgical procedure done, and to keep myself busy I've been rapidly reading my January book of the month. I'm well into Julia Child's My Life in France, and am on target to finish it by the time January comes to a close, keeping with my goal to read a book a month!! One of my favorite parts of this book, besides the fantastic photography by her husband Paul Child, are the detailed descriptions of her outings to various marches indoor and out in search of the perfect ingredients, kitchenwares, and odds 'n ends.

Living in Chicago with a wonderful and adventurous cook and mom, I've become quite acquainted with some of the city's culinary gems. Today, she organized a food-tour-de-Chicago for a group of friends interested in learning more about the variety of wonderful food shops in this yummy town. I took the liberty of going out on the excursion to take some photographs and take my mind off of the stitches in my mouth.

This entry will detail the our first stop of the day:

3501 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

Growing up on the North Side of the city till the age of 20, the Paulina Meat Market was a regular haunt for my family - especially before a big barbecue dinner. While I'm not a pro on meats and cuts, I do know that their smoking and butchering is some of the finest in the city, and still the reason why we commute across town to nosh on their delicious in-house landjaeger sausages - which I will have to patiently pine over until I can chew solids again! The smell of smoked meats hits you like a ton of bricks when you enter this aromatic space, filled with gorgeously laid out imported German and European goodies and some of the most generous free samples I have ever come across. The crowd that shops here knows what they like - and have come to the right place, with a staff of nearly all-male well trained butchers in white paper hats and slightly stained white aprons on hand to answer questions and serve up the goods. While they weren't happy with me photographing their wares, I must say that getting a talking-to from a stern butcher was well worth it, as I left with gorgeous photos and a bag full of yummy treats!
The entrance to Paulina Meat Market. Note: There is a parking lot as well as street parking.
And it's a stone's throw away from the Southport Brown Line stop.
Please take a number, and wander around!
Guests waiting to be helped at the meat counter.

Thanks for being a wonderful model Ben!
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Hunter; Scarf: Handmade by me; Bag; Longchamp; Necklace; Found objects. ALSO, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW BANGS?!


  1. i am OBSESSED with your bangs.
    also i stumbled this entry to jacob and labeled it "enjoy your food porn!" ha!

  2. I'm so happy you have this kind of a relationship with your darling Jacob. There are plenty more foodie posts to come. I've found that food is becoming one of my major passions since moving home and not having homework. More of a passion than fashion (or maybe it's having a gorgeous kitchen, and a wonderful mom/live-in chef).

    I'm baking bread tomorrow. Any pointers?

  3. Wow, you're brave to venturing out after a major dental surgery! And I'm so glad there are a few people who aren't vegetarians left in this world. That butcher shop looks amazing, I'm drooling over the sausages.