30 January 2011

Chicago Foodie Adventure Part II: City Olive and Urban Belly

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I'm continuing my Chicago Foodie Adventure Series with a quick stop by City Olive for some wonderful condiments and snacks, followed by a delicious lunch at one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Urban Belly Chicago.

5408 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60640

After our visit to Paulina Meat Market, we stayed North and swung over to Andersonville for a brief visit at City Olive - a specialty food market that dabbles in olive oils, vinegars, and olive based products, with a gorgeous rack of honeys to sweeten things up a bit. The store front is tiny, but warm and welcoming. Upon entering the store, we were welcomed to try a taste of any oil or vinegar we liked, beginning a nice open dialogue with the shop owner about the flavor profiles we were looking to achieve through our oil and vinegar purchases. I made a b-line for the flavored vinegars, knowing well that I was after a replacement for a delectable and thick fig vinegar to add to my yummy sweet fig & honey vinaigrette that I splash on m sweet pear/apple, nut, and parmesan salad. Mom picked up some goodies, including preserved figs and a red-tomato-based-pesto, and I snuck some goodies into the bag - such as mini Vosges chocolates to mail to a friend. I was a little more reluctant to photograph in this space after being told not to take pictures at Paulina Meat Market, but here are some photos.

3053 North California Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60618

And of course it wouldn't be a wintry trip to the North Side of Chicago without a visit to my personal favorite, Urban Belly for a bowl of house ramen and a cup of wrinkle beans.


  1. oo fancy oils, sounds so gourmet and delicious! as a cheap student I dunno if I'd know what to do with those ;)

    urban belly looks SO good, SO jealous

  2. your food posts are making me SO HUNGRY! and anxious to jump on a train to chicago.