10 February 2011

3 Via F. Gianni, Firenze, Italia

These photographs were taken over two years ago from my host family's home in Florence, Italy. I am pretty far removed from this experience - it was very overwhelming and eye-opening, and I think I might still be processing my experience living there. But maybe it's time I start sharing some of that experience with you.

I didn't exactly enjoy living in this space, but Abbie and I made due with what we had - and we were able to feel at ease and at home in the little room with high ceilings we shared. No, we weren't allowed to decorate, tape, or tack anything to the walls, or have a door that locked, of have a fan in our room, but we had fun. Like all of the time that we looked for things to throw at the mosquitos on the ceiling of our room and almost always reached for my copy of The Diary of Anne Frank. Or all of the times we sat in our room with the door closed before dinner guessing based on the smell from the kitchen what was cooking - and both wanting piselli and polpetta (peas and meatballs) and dreading the terrible, hated, awful hotdog omelette. I'm not sure why you loved fish sticks so much, but Abbie, you were the best room mate. And I'm happy we were able to share this funny experience.


  1. I'm fascinated about these study abroad posts of yours. Firstly, because I've always wanted to go to Florence and secondly, because I'm a study abroad/transfer student right now I can only imagine the impact of this experience on my life so hearing about yours is naturally intriguing. Those meatballs and peas sound delicious!

  2. the architecture is so beautiful. and i love that last photo - it's so warm and intimate.

  3. Post more of these, please. Photos of Italy make me feel hopeful about life post-Galesburg.